If you’re a busy mom, have a hectic life or a demanding job, your health is probably always put on the back burner.

But why do we always feel like we have to put ourselves last and always at the expense of our health?

For FAR too long, women have been told how we should be.

…and it doesn’t stop at motherhood.

I’d say it’s even worse because we lose ourselves in the identity of “I am a mom.” We are shamed into believing that we can’t take care of ourselves because our kids always come first, we can’t take care of our health because our kids come first, we can’t even pee by ourselves because our kids come first.


But here’s the thing…


Eventually, your cup becomes empty, and then you’re giving your kids (or your job or your spouse, etc.) a half version of you. Even if you’re giving them everything, when you don’t fill your own cup, you can’t give them your full self.

You can be a mom and find yourself again.
You can be a mom and still prioritize your health and mental well-being.
You can still have hobbies, achieve goals, and be a WHOLE person.

But it starts when you decide that you come first. And, I’m not suggesting you don’t take care of your kids’ needs, but in order to most effectively take care of their needs, in order to be the most effective at work, the best partner you can be, you need to be filling your own cup.

Because mama, you aren’t going to have anything left to give if you don’t start taking care of you too, taking care of your health.

And wouldn’t it be so much easier to mom, to support, to show up, to present ideas, to get your work done on time if you had more energy, more patience, more confidence even…

Putting you first is the complete opposite of being selfish. In fact, it’s the most selfless thing you can do to make your health a priority. To strengthen the foundation of YOU physically, mentally and spiritually.

Why Women Don’t Put Themselves First and Their Health Suffers

I know why you think you can’t, though. Society, the world, has told you you can’t. It has been said that everything else comes first. You have to be everything to your kids, or you’re a bad mom. You have to say yes to everything and let everyone add to your workload, or you’re a bad worker/employee/business owner. 

I get it. As a woman, as a business owner, as a wife, as a mom I’ve heard the expectations placed on us. I’ve felt them. I know it’s hard to reprogram, retrain your brain to accept that you can come first sometimes. The world has literally beaten us down until we believe that we can’t have that.

But I’m telling you that your life will get soooooo much easier. You’ll have so much more freedom. More time. More fun… When you put you and your health first.

We need to be the driving force that stops this skewed version of what it means to be a woman, to be a mom. We need to change the narrative and take back the control that society seems to think it holds.

You get to be first, you get to take care of your health, you get to love yourself. No one can say no. It’s your life. Let the women in your life, your kids, your spouse, your friends see you showing up for yourself and your health. Let them see what they can do what is important in life through your actions.

Just imagine for a second a world where women put themselves first, where women take care of their health as a top priority. Imagine what would happen if all women took their power back and started taking care of their health. 

What we could accomplish would be unreal. 

Check out this reel I made on this topic!

Why Women Don’t Put Themselves First and Their Health Suffers

So, let’s start filling your cup, putting your health first this summer. 

The summer is where you prioritize your best-self to build a strong foundation within to support a life where you get more time, more freedom and expanded success.

It doesn’t have to take a ton of time, either. It’s not about spending a million hours investing in your health; it’s about saying, “Yes, I matter,” and knowing you show up as the best version of yourself, as your Highest Self, when you spend even 5 minutes pouring into your cup.

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