Hi! My Name is Meagan!

I’m a mama and Navy wife living on Vancouver Island. 

I’ve been in the wedding industry for over 10 years, starting my first business when I was just 19 years old.

I moved my entire business across the country and started over.

I went from hair and makeup, to wedding planning, added florals, and then niched down to floral-only services. 

In addition to artfully designed, sustainable florals, I’m a certified Mindset Coach, certified in Hypnotherapy, EFT, Neural Energetic Encoding and Neural Energetic Wiring (like NLP but more inclusive to the fact that we all process things differently).

I teach manifestation, becoming your highest self, and how to live your dream life, because life is too short not to live it to the fullest. 

I believe we should all live a life we truly love, honoring our purpose, finding joy, getting back to basics, living slowly, feeling financially and physically free.

What They Say

I have done a lot of coaching in various domains but nothing quite like Meagan’s programs. Meagan’s various programs guide you to go beyond making conscious changes to making true, lasting subconscious change. Each one setting the foundation for the next one so you’re continually making progress. They offer insane value for their incredibly affordable price. Meagan makes healing and manifesting your dream life accessible and inclusive for everyone. Her 1:1 programs are amazing. She has this innate way of knowing exactly which techniques you need each time you come. She doesn’t just use the same ones each time unless they’re the ones you need at that particular time. She listens attentively, she’s empathetic and amazingly intuitive. Her programs aren’t just “any other woo woo program,” they’re practical and produce real, attainable and tangible results. I am well on my way to intentionally manifesting the life of my dreams when for years I thought I was too broken to do so. Thanks Meg!


I need to say thank you so much. The florals were absolutely perfect they looked incredible in person. The bouquets were to die for honestly everyone was saying they’ve never seen such beautiful bouquets. You nailed it. They were so similar to my inspiration photos. I’m loving having the extra flowers in my house. My grandma took my bouquet to try and preserve it. I hope she can because I would love to have it forever!! The hoops looked so good too thanks for being so flexible for that. The venue was so dreamy with all the florals and greenery. I’m thrilled with how it turned out and I can say you did not disappoint one bit. Thank you thank you meagan!!