Summer recipes are always so delicious and colourful, and this no-bake cottage cheese cheesecake with honey-macerated strawberries is no exception.

If you’re looking for the perfect summer dessert recipe that’s still super healthy (and packed with protein), this has to be on your list to try.

It’s simple and quick, and it’s bound to be a crowd favourite.

Summer is often a time when food is plentiful… Honestly, when is there a time it’s not? But summer tends to bring out all of the snacks, chips, pop, etc. But it feels like such a missed opportunity since there is so much amazing in-season produce.

We also need to focus on protein during the summer (well, all year, really). 


Why is protein so important for women?

Protein is essential for women’s overall health and well-being. It plays a critical role in building and repairing your tissues, including muscles, skin and hair. Adequate protein intake helps maintain your muscle mass, which is particularly important as women age and the risk of muscle loss increases. It also supports your immune function, helping your body fight off infections and illnesses. Additionally, protein is vital for the production of enzymes and hormones that regulate your various bodily functions, ensuring that your metabolic processes run smoothly.

Moreover, protein can aid in weight management by promoting satiety and reducing hunger, making it easier for you to maintain a healthy weight. High-protein diets have been shown to reduce cravings and support sustained energy levels throughout the day. 

For active women, protein is crucial for muscle recovery post-exercise, helping to repair any damage caused by physical activity and build stronger, leaner muscles. By incorporating a variety of protein sources such as lean meats, dairy, legumes and nuts into your diet, you can ensure you’re meeting your nutritional needs and supporting your overall health.

No-Bake Cottage Cheese Cheesecake with Strawberries Recipe

So, if you want something that’s not just a plain fruit salad. This recipe is for you.



  • 2 cups of strained cottage cheese
  • Local honey
  • A lemon
  • Pure Vanilla
  • A pinch of salt
  • Graham crackers
  • Walnuts
  • Lard (or your choice of oil)
  • Flour of your choice
  • Gelatin
  • Strawberries




  • I blended about 2 cups of strained cottage cheese in a blender with 1/4 cup of local honey (great for seasonal allergies in your location), half a lemon squeezed, a splash of pure vanilla (a nervous system relaxant) and a tiny pinch of salt.
  • I crumbled a few graham crackers with some walnuts, lard (or oil of your choice) until it came together and a little flour so it would bake like a crust.
  • I know I said no bake, and you could totally not bake the crust, but it might not stick together, and I prefer my crusts a little toasted! I baked it at 400F for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Once it cooled, I bloomed some gelatin (about 2 tsp with a splash of water) and microwaved it to melt it. Then, I added it to the cheesecake mixture and blended it so it came together.
  • Pour the cheesecake batter into the prepared crusts, and then chill in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.
  • When they are setting, slice some strawberries and mix them with a tablespoon or two of honey and the other half of the lemon juice. Store and let sit in the fridge.
  • When set, top the cheesecakes with the strawberries and voila 🍓


Enjoy this delicious, high-protein dessert recipe. Bring it to all of your backyard BBQs this summer and watch it quickly become the hit of the event!

Want to see this recipe being made? Check out this reel!


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