We know that the food we eat supports us in a large way. Our internal bodies need a good variety of vitamins and minerals to work effectively and take care of us.

But did you know that nutrition doesn’t just play a role in our internal bodies… It also plays a role with our external bodies, i.e., our hair and skin.

While it’s true that the products we use on our skin and hair help support the health of these two parts of us, nutrition also plays a huge role.

If you’re not getting enough of particular nutrients, your body ends up in an unwinnable battle against your products. The same is true of the reverse. If you use terrible products the battle is still raging.

Supporting your hair and skin is about creating balance and harmony with your external and your internal.

Food has tremendous power over us and serves many purposes in our lives.

The most obvious – food nourishes us. We stay alive because we consume food. We need to. But food also serves other purposes.

Food allows us comfort and enjoyment. There are foods that we love, foods that are a treat, foods that are fun, etc. Food is also a way that we connect with others.

Holidays are often spent with family and friends sitting down to big meals. Many cultures around the world, such as Greek, use food as a social activity. They cook big meals and family and friends frequently get together to eat and chat.

Many events are based around food. When we go out with friends or colleagues or prospective clients, etc..

Food is one of our most valuable tools.

So, how can food support healthy hair and skin?

Your hair and skin rely on certain nutrients to support their natural processes. There are many great products out there that include a lot of nutrients these systems need such as Monet’s hair and skincare products.

Using good, sustainable and chemical-free products is important.

What you put in your hair and on your skin gets absorbed into your body. So when selecting new products always ensure you read the ingredients list to know what you’re about to allow into your body.

While the products you choose are important for hair and skin health they can only go so far if your diet contradicts the products. If your diet consists of a lot of food that is nutrient deficient then your products won’t be as effective.

However, if you take care of your nutritional needs and you are using good products consistently your hair and skin will flourish.

This is not to say that you need to be 100% with everything. It’s not about having perfect nutrition and never having treats or something processed. Striving for perfection will only increase your stress which wreaks havoc on your body.

Also, if you miss one hair mask or forget to put on a specific lotion once you won’t destroy all of your progress. 

You simply do your best and keep going.

Taking care of your body (inside and out) is one of the three main phases of becoming your highest self. In The Holistic Beauty Club (coming soon), we teach you specifically which nutrients and foods support your different systems including healthy hair and skin.

If this year your goal is to become your best self or simply invest more into yourself we can support your journey. 

Bloom With Meagan is your one-stop shop no matter which phase of the journey you’re on. We have affordable and supportive options whether you are just getting started at the soul level, you’re in the healing process or you’re ready to nurture your physical body.

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