When you think about achieving your goals, are you thinking about the money you want to have or the vision that makes the money?

It’s trendy now, to visualize the money or the specific outcome when trying to achieve your goals. In my process for manifestation and healing sessions with clients, it always starts with having a clear vision.

Who do you want to become? How do you want to earn or call in money? What does it feel like to live that life? 

You need to know the process to get there, to get to the outcome. The process of working towards achieving your goals.

Who do you need to be in order to be the kind of person who manifests those things? And how would that person get there?

Then ask yourself:

1. What habits, actions or behaviours does that version of me who is already living that life have? How does she show up each day?
2. “What would the future version of me who is X (making X amount of money/ has a certain number of clients/ is healthy and well/ etc.) do?” when you are faced with a decision.
3. How would she handle this scenario and what choices would she make?

Then do that. Make those choices.

Achieve your goals with a plan and a vision of your future self

Really feel the way she would feel when she signs a new client or is proud of her consistency. Tune into the positive thoughts, emotions and physical feelings she lives in and make that part of who you are today. 

Because here is the secret that nobody talks about when they’re telling you how to achieve your goals.

You can choose to feel any way at any given time. You just have to call in the thoughts, past experiences, sights, things you heard to call in a feeling. If you’ve never felt that way before, just really sit and imagine how it would feel to feel that.

Stop getting so caught up in the actual thing (the money, the body, the health, the clients) and instead focus on all of the other pieces (who you need to be, how you need to feel, what steps you need to take to get there). All of the pieces will fall into place and you will achieve your goals.

And, I’m not saying never think about the actual thing you’re trying to manifest. That’s a great way to keep yourself excited. But, if you only ever visualize the money, you’ll never figure out how to actually get there.

Manifestation and goal achievement are not a passive process. I know the internet makes it seem that way. You picture what you want in your head, and magically, it makes its way into your life. Wouldn’t that be nice!

But no, that’s not the full story. Yes, you obviously need your end result so you know what you’re actually trying to achieve, but you also need a plan.

Figure out what you want, then figure out who you need to be the person that has that in your life, create the plan for how you’ll achieve your goals and then become that person and implement those steps.

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PS. Inside the Highest Self Academy, we have multiple techniques that work to access your subconscious level of the mind to make that future identity instantly feel like reality for you.

We also have anchoring techniques where you can essentially create a “button” that you can simply press on at any time to feel exactly the way you want to. We use this to call in those future-identity feelings and they literally wash over you in seconds.

If you truly want to become that future version of yourself and you want it to happen quickly, working at the subconscious level is how to make quantum leaps to go from one version of self to another.

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