Raising your vibration is the most important step in manifesting your dreams. Or, we could call it the pre-step.

It must come first.

When you’re carrying around a lower vibration or frequency you can accidentally manifest what you’re giving out. No matter how much you want or desire the thing you’re trying to manifest, your energy is the thing that either makes that easier or can subconsciously hinder it.

Everything in the world is energy. The manifestations of our highest self operate at a high frequency so we need to match that frequency for manifestation success.

But raising your vibration is easier than you think and has more benefits than simply facilitating manifestation. It can be as easy as doing a handful of small things that bring you joy. Joy is the most underrated tool in our personal development journey. 

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So, how can you raise your vibration?


1. Increase the vibration of your space

Sometimes your space is the thing that is keeping your vibration low. Clearing or resetting your personal space can be a game changer.

You can start by doing a nice good deep clean of your home. Looking around and seeing a tidy, organized and clean space can raise our mood and make us feel like we can take on the world.

It can also help to rearrange furniture so it feels like a new space. If you’ve had the same layout for a while and you feel drained once you enter the space it can be that the energy is stagnant and simply rearranging your layout can help move the energy around.

If you spend a lot of time in particular parts of your home (or your work) it can help to add things of beauty. Grab your favourite candle, add a splash of colour or add a new picture to create beauty and joy.

Then you can work on clearing the space by saging it or using Palo Santo. Rearrange your crystals so they are maximizing their potential and they are in various parts of your house.

Adding in a meditation, spirituality or personal development corner in your home can also be helpful!

2. Create

Using your hands and making things or being artistic can have incredible benefits to raising your vibration and supporting your mental health. Humans have an innate knack for being creative (which looks different to every person) and tapping into your creative side can support many things.

Being creative can increase your joy, be an enjoyable form of self-care, allow you to use a part of your brain you may not get to at work, reduce your stress by allowing you to turn off the incessant stream of thoughts and provide you with an accessible outlet in times of need.


3. Take care of your body

What we allow into our body has a huge impact on our vibration. This can include things we consume both topically and ingesting.

Water has a huge impact on our overall vibration. Water is an extremely powerful energy. Consuming active and living water such as natural spring water, can increase your vibration while heavily treated purified water can decrease it and also strip your body of vitamins and minerals it already contains. Also, storing and consuming water from glass (instead of plastic) can help to increase the energy of your water.

Reducing alcohol and other toxins from your body is also essential. This includes things such as your lotions and makeup and household cleaners/detergents. Toxins vibrate at a low frequency and will keep your frequency low. Work on replacing your household products with natural or chemical-free ones.

Food also impacts your energy. Eating lots of high-vibrational foods or living foods such as local fruits and veggies can help raise your vibration to match the vibration of your highest self. Opting to eat as many nutritionally dense meals with minimal fried or processed foods is key.

4. Gratitude

Encouraging positive thoughts and focusing on love and gratitude is one of the most critical steps in raising your vibration. Gratitude can help reframe your thoughts and therefore your emotions and behaviours. 

Gratitude is also a quick and easy solution to increasing your vibration. Everyone does this differently. You might like going for a walk and thinking about what you’re grateful for, you might like including gratitude in your breathwork and meditation or maybe you like to write down your gratitude in a daily journal. However, you do it, the important thing is that you do it and you do it consistently.

Each day before you start your day, when you sit down to work or at the end of your day have your practice. Gratitude can also be a great in-the-moment energy shifter. If you feel yourself experiencing a low-vibration emotion you can support yourself in getting out of your funk by doing a gratitude check-in.

Don’t cut yourself off from feeling your emotions as that’s important but if you’re looking to shift your attention or pull yourself out of a funk, gratitude and love can be your helping hand.


5. Nature

Nature is full of incredible high-quality energy and humans tend to feel at home and free in nature. To raise your vibration, go out for a walk in a place with grass, trees, trails, water, etc. whatever you can get. The more engulfed you are the better.

Then slow down and find ways to ground yourself such as walking barefoot in the grass, touching the trees and leaves, being present and clearing your mind. 

If going outside isn’t an option try bringing nature inside to you. Buy yourself some flowers and place them in an area of your home that’s a common room and look at them often. If you can, smell them and look at their colours, even touch them and feel their energy.

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There are many ways to raise your vibration so you can manifest your dreams. Find things that bring you joy and make it personal. Remember, focusing on doing this before trying to manifest is the key to making manifestation easier and more automatic.

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