It's 2023! This year is your year!

I know you’ve been dying to reach your goals, manifest your dreams and really step into that next level you, that best version of yourself or in other words, your highest self.

We all crave that. I know I did, for sure.

I was working a job that no longer aligned with me and I had just discovered this whole new world (incoming man on a magic carpet) of online business. It made me nervous to even consider it; ‘What did I have that I could offer online?’

But I craved reaching this goal, manifesting this life of someone who could work from anywhere, who was able to learn new things and work with so many incredible people making a difference in this world.

I knew that I, both, needed to step into my highest self in order to reach this goal but also that this goal was part of my highest self.

How on earth was I going to manage this?

There were a lot of steps that I took but ultimately it came down to three main categories. It started with intention setting and self-awareness about what I wanted, embracing who I was and self-compassion and then taking inspired action as if I was already my highest self.


1. Self-Awareness

I know you probably already know about the importance of intention-setting or goal-setting but I cannot stress enough, the real-time benefits that resulted from setting intentions. But more specifically the right intentions.

Once I started learning about manifestation and the law of attraction I realized that how I worded my desires and really getting honest and going deep about why I wanted the things that I wanted, bringing them into awareness was a complete game changer.

The idea is to “bring clarity, focus and purpose to your actions and guide you towards your deepest aspirations.” (Information from Meagan’s Mirror of Transformation free challenge). What happened when I set clear intentions after gaining the self-awareness I needed my energy was directed toward what truly mattered to me (instead of reflecting what society and the people around me told me mattered).

When I was asking for things that weren’t really what I wanted deep down, that was reflective of my highest self, the universe could see right through. The universe knew that was not what I truly wanted and wasn’t for my highest good. Once I dove deep, let go of my fear and need for validation from others and started asking for the things I truly wanted that’s when the universe said “Yes! Those are the right things!” and started dishing them my way.

2. Self-Compassion

Once I was clear on my true desires and purposeful intention-setting it was time to let go of who I was trying to be and embrace who I truly was.

We often try to be who the world wants us to be and act in a way that is socially acceptable to those around us. You want people to like you and often this is a very effective strategy for getting what you want from others, but it’s not the best strategy for getting what you truly want from the universe.

It can be hard to embrace all of our quirks and imperfections. We don’t want others to see those parts and realistically, we don’t want to see or acknowledge those parts either; so we stuff them deep into our core and wear a mask for the world. 

But we are all human, so just imagine a world where every person took that mask off, embraced every part of themself and showed those parts proudly.

Ultimately, self-compassion helps create space for examining our thoughts, emotions and behaviours so we can gain insight into our patterns and find ways to improve. This is an incredible and necessary practice for becoming your highest self. Your highest self is not perfect but it is focused on growth and self-improvement. This was a mindset game-changer for me. Once I realized that the goal was not to be perfect but to function with a growth mindset, work hard and love myself through every messy step I started seeing the wins and becoming positively reinforced to keep going.

3. Inspired Action

The final phase was really about action. But not just any action, inspired action, purposeful and aligned with the desires of your highest self. This is the part about manifestation and the law of attraction that is often not talked about or acknowledged – that was a frustration point for me until I figured it out.

You don’t just ask and forget. The universe is always supporting you but it can’t just produce everything you want while you sit back and do nothing. Action on your part is required and if you’re asking for the right things, that you truly want, that are purposeful and aligned with your highest self then taking action is easy and, actually, enjoyable!

A powerful practice that worked for me was creating empowering habits. Once I had a great plan in place for reaching the goals I set and I was able to be kind and acknowledge my true self, then I was able to create habits and action steps for reaching the intentions I set.

The easiest way you can create these empowering habits is through subconscious methods. You can do it consciously but it’s certainly more work. Using meditation methods, hypnosis methods, EFT and other means helps your habits go immediately to your subconscious mind instead you having to work to get it through through repetition.

When you work in these different phases becoming your highest self ends up being automatic.

There are definitely smaller and more specific strategies but knowing these overarching phases is incredibly important to get you started.

It breaks down everything you need to do so your focus isn’t on a variety of disjointed tasks and habits that you hope end up getting you to your goal. The problem with doing that is that you might be doing a habit from another phase without mastering an earlier phase. If you charge right out into action but you’re still judging your true self and you haven’t set any true intentions then you aren’t actually working towards anything.

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