I have had a long and rocky history with manifestation and the law of attraction... Haven't we all?

When I first learned about it I was like a bright-eyed child seeing the gifts under the Christmas tree for the first time in the morning. I was excited, I was hopeful and I was ready to dive right in.

I read and watched The Secret, I listened to podcasts, I followed the gurus, and I sat on more free workshops than I can even remember… And I learned about it in the coaching programs I was in. It was the biggest buzzword at the time.

And wow, was I ever ready to manifest the life of my dreams.

See, I was stuck in this hard place. I experienced my first big disappointment post graduating from university.

Everyone told me…  Get good grades, go to university, study hard, graduate and then you’ll get a good job. So most of my childhood that was the one goal I had. I worked my butt off despite reading and comprehension difficulties in school (which I later found out wasn’t my fault), I took the AP classes and I had no life. 

And I succeeded. I got into university and graduated. I got the job I wanted the day I graduated. I was on top of the world.

Until I realized that job gave me 1-2 hour sessions 2-3 times a day, at best, at $15 an hour. After-tax and whatever else was taken off I was bringing in maybe $600 a pay cheque. Not exactly the big dream job I expected to get out of university.

Unintentionally, I began manifesting.

And it didn’t take long before I discovered the online business world and dove in head first. I absolutely loved it!

That’s when I began learning about the law of attraction and manifestation… But in the wrong way.

See, I was given some information but not all of it. I was given the glamourized version of it. It actually ended up being detrimental to me and after initial success, everything started to slide backwards.

What was missing was the deeper parts and the whole truth of the matter. Manifestation isn’t just making a vision board with all the expensive and luxurious stuff you don’t really want but everyone tells you you have to put on and then going about your day.

It’s going deep and getting honest about what you really want. It’s doing the hard work and the healing work. So you can truly manifest what you want without your subconscious getting in the way.

It’s about learning the lessons that you’re meant to learn. It’s about accepting both the good and the bad and knowing that it all meshes together. It’s more in the middle than the ends of the spectrum.

I actually gave up learning about it for a while…

But then I found something that was entirely different. A program and solution that didn’t just allow me to push aside everything from childhood that had happened to me, all my trauma. A program that made me actually stop and start to deal with those things.

And it brought me back to my initial reason, for wanting to use manifestation as my vehicle to reach my goals…

See, manifestation isn’t just another solution that says “Set a goal and then go and reach it.” True manifestation is about dealing with all of your baggage, all of your dirty laundry. Allowing you to freely converse with the universe and use the universe as your ultimate guide for bringing into your life your dreams.

I didn’t just want to reach my goals. I wanted to change my entire life. And hiding my traumas and pretending they weren’t there and didn’t affect me was only holding myself back.

Because, here’s the thing, you can do surface-level limiting belief work and declare that you overcame your limiting beliefs. But the truth of the matter is, unless you step into your subconscious mind and deal with them at that level, simply writing out “My new belief is ‘I can accomplish all of my dreams'” just isn’t going to cut it.

Your brain likes things to stay the same, to stay safe. So when you’ve only done conscious level work and you say “I can accomplish all of my dreams” your brain fights back saying “We can’t do that.”


Manifestation was the solution I was looking for and it gave me much more than simply a way to reach my goals. It gave me a way to change my life, a way to heal from my past and a way to pour into my cup and learn to love myself more.

So, the number one reason I learned about manifestation was actually not to reach my goals.

It was to heal. To become the person I needed to be, that I was more than capable of being, in order to have the life I wanted.

Sometimes you never know what your true motivation is until you are thick in the trenches or even after you’ve walked through them. Sometimes your subconscious just knows “This is what you’re supposed to do.”

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