We know when we set goals it then requires us to jump into high gear and start working towards those goals.

You can’t just say “I want to start a business by the end of the year” and then wipe your hands clean and do nothing and expect a business to magically start itself. Just like you can’t set a goal to clear up your acne and then take no steps toward getting a better skincare routine.

You know that action is required.

But often we set goals and then only know a specific set of steps so we take the steps we know. When you do that, maybe you reach your goal, but oftentimes we don’t. That leads us to frustration and, possibly even, giving up.

That’s because there is a difference between taking action and taking inspired action.

The options are not just either ‘follow these steps’ or ‘give up,’ there is always a third option (and probably a fourth, fifth, sixth and so on).

But what is the difference? Isn’t taking action, any action, good enough?

Taking action is following the steps to reach your goals and that is a great start. But what makes it different from inspired action?

Inspired action is “Taking intentional and purposeful steps towards one’s goals, driven by passion, enthusiasm, and inner inspiration.”

Think about it for a minute…

You set a goal to start the business of your dreams but you have no idea what to do. So you take to Google and it says to go to college. You apply to your local community college and start classes but you find the classes to be dull, being taught by teachers who don’t seem to love what they do and they seem to have outdated information.

But you push on through, finish college and go to start your business. You start it but it’s kind of a flop and you realize that you just don’t love it. You’ve now got a college diploma and a really expensive hobby that you don’t like and you end up going and getting a regular job anyway.

That’s one way. That way you took action but it was not at all fueled by passion or enthusiasm and you weren’t taking intentional and purposeful steps… You were simply taking… steps.


You set a goal to start the business of your dreams but you have no idea what to do. So you take to Google and it says to go to college. You browse the website but you just have a feeling it’s not the right fit. So you keep searching. You take to social media to see if someone can help. You find a really great online program that makes you feel extremely confident and excited, you love the teacher and it meets all of your values.

You work through the program with incredible vigour, getting more and more excited about starting your business. Once you finish the program you begin to really put yourself out there and clients come rushing in. You know you’ve taken inspired action and you love what you do!


Does inspired action come without its challenges and discomfort?

No, absolutely not. Everything worth having comes with a little bit of discomfort and hard work.

But taking inspired action will help drive you forward, it will keep fuelling your passion for your intentions and goals and it will ensure you do so in a way that is meaningful and purposeful to you. Everyone is different and what motivates and inspires them will be different too.

Your path won’t be the same as someone else who set the same goal as you so don’t get caught up in comparisons. Your highest self has a specific path and so does theirs.

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