Last week, I told you the steps to create lasting mindset change. If you missed that blog, go read that first and then come back!

Blog: Just Think Differently: Myth Or Key To Mindset Change

Today, let’s talk about the how of creating true, lasting mindset change.

Before we dive in, I want you to know why these techniques work.

Why these techniques & modalities work to unlock your subconscious and create mindset change:

In addition to hypnotic language, presuppositions and metaphors which work directly with our unconscious mind, there are 3 main reasons these techniques work.

1. Psychological

We reframe the context of the emotions associated with past memories in our timeline. The emotions lose their context and, therefore, disappear. (Ref Emotional Hostage, Leslie Cameron-Bandler)

2. Physiological

Whether we remember the first event or not, our bodies keep score – They always remember. We tend to encode negative events more strongly than we do neutral or even positive ones.

When we first encode the negative emotions into our body, we are flooded with stress hormones which keep our body on high alert. They are quickly triggered when we feel similar events.

However, because we can reframe our memories to form new thoughts and beliefs, we have the chance to create new pathways to encode more positive beliefs and actions.

3. Metaphysical

According to the book, a Course in Miracles, all negative emotions are simply an illusion of fear. When we switch that perspective, all negative emotions are simply an illusion.

rewire the subconscious mind to creating lasting mindset change

How to Access the Subconscious Mind to create lasting mindset change:

We can access the subconscious mind through a variety of modalities and techniques. Some of these modalities focus more on the Psychological context, others on Physiology and how we store emotions in the body and some use a mix of both.

Metaphysics and the subconscious mind come into play when we give an idea, thought and openness – When we agree to believe in something we cannot see or prove. It’s knowing that we truly are the creators of our own reality.

If fear is an illusion, and we dismantle the illusion, what happens to our lives when we realize there is no fear at all?

The techniques and how they work:

1. Hypnosis

No, not stage hypnosis. Nobody is going to make you cluck like a chicken.

Seriously, I had to get that out in the open because so many people think of this when I mention hypnosis.

What hypnosis actually is, is progressive relaxation to become more relaxed than you’ve ever known yourself to be.

Then, you are guided to deepen that relaxation, and as you do, you enter what is known as the Theta brainwave state (4-8 Hz).

When you enter this state, consciousness is reduced but still present. This is a very creative time for your brain. Hypnosis creates thoughts and feelings so real, that the body reacts biochemically to the suggestions.

The subconscious mind loves repetition, so the more often you tell it the same suggestions the more real it feels.

2. Neural Energetic Encoding

Each one of us encodes our memories and how we perceive the future differently and uniquely, based on our own experiences that have shaped our beliefs.

With this technique, we can access our encoding timeline and go either back into the past to release a limiting belief at the root cause (so you can let go but keep all the learnings from the experience) or we can also place a goal into the future of our encoding by going forward.

3. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping)

Tapping seems to be pretty mainstream right now. I see a lot of people talking about it as a growth tool, which is great news.

What is really cool about tapping is that you do not need any fancy training to tap. Unlike Hypnotherapy, where a lot more goes into hypnotizing someone and being able to do that properly (the difference between a visualization and a hypnosis session for example), tapping just requires knowledge of the meridian points to tap on and the suggestions you want to use.

There’s a proper method for EFT to use in different capacities, say to release a negative emotion or belief, there’s a proper setup and form to follow, so it is beneficial to work with someone trained in the modality.

That being said, my favourite way to tap is to just tap intuitively using positive affirmations I want to step into as my future self.

Here is a free EFT tapping guide for Abundance & Money

4. Anchoring

Anchoring is a Neurolinguistic Programming Technique (NLP Technique) where a stimulus is linked to a response. Essentially, you can create the response you want your body to have by stimulating a sense.

You know how a certain smell will bring you right back into a memory and it feels like you are experiencing it over again? For example, the smell of Coppertone Sunscreen brings me immediately back to summertime as a child, as well as all of the feelings of fun, joy, adventure, etc.

That smell is an unintentional anchor.

You can also create intentional anchors by calling up a past memory and really feeling into how you felt and what you saw, really going right back down into that memory. That memory elicits the feeling you are calling on and you can anchor that as a feeling in your body. When you tap on the spot of your body that you anchored this into, you immediately bring up those feelings.

This tool is especially great for embodying the future version of you. Let’s say she always feels calm, trusting, abundant and focused. If you in this timeline are having an off day, you can simply call on those feelings of your higher self.

5. The Swish Technique

This is another NLP technique and it’s the one we use to create new habits instantly. By curating the future identity of the version of you who holds these habits, you’re able to step into this version.

You use the subconscious mind to get very clear on who you are as this future version and the way you show up. What you see, what you hear, how it feels. Then you use submodalites to make that picture even more real and even more clear.

You swish out the old version that you want to change and make the new version explode big and bright in your mind.

Eventually, you can no longer see the old picture.

6. Mapping Across

Mapping across is also an NLP Technique and submodality-driven. You use this technique to change the way you store information in your brain.

So, if you picture your mind looking like a bunch of different filing cabinets, you can map across the move one piece of information to store it differently.

For example, if you want to start eating leafy greens but you don’t really like them, you can move them to a cabinet of vegetables you do like.

It works both ways too. If you love coffee or candy, or anything that you know doesn’t really serve your body and you want to make a change, you can map it across to store it in a file of warm drinks you don’t really like, say a sugary latte. If it’s candy, let’s say you love all candy but you hate black licorice. You would store it in the black licorice cabinet.

7. Single Belief Change (Using Submodalities)

Single Belief change is the same as mapping across, except we are changing beliefs, so it’s a longer process.

You take a belief you don’t want to have anymore and map it to a belief you know is no longer true.

Then, you take a belief you want to have instead and you map it to a belief/fact that you know without a doubt is true.

This is a really great technique to use in addition to the Neural Energetic Encoding technique but it has to be done 1-1 with a coach who can guide you through it. 

The benefit of this technique is that it allows you to release and reprogram at the same time, whereas most techniques are one or the other.

8. Parts Integration

Parts Integration is a technique you use when you have two parts that are in conflict with each other.

You use this when you feel like you should go in one direction but then other times you feel like there’s a different move you should make.

Your internal parts are conflicted and often cause inaction because you fear moving in the wrong direction.

This technique works to integrate these parts together to allow you to feel whole and aligned.

You essentially show your unconscious mind how both parts, ultimately, want the same things for you and it’s ok for them to work together to create lasting mindset change.

rewire the subconscious mind

Each of these techniques works in a different way to create true and lasting mindset change.

You may find some that you really love more than others and some that you maybe didn’t love at first become favourites (like EFT for me).

If you want to experience what real lasting change feels like, work with me at the subconscious level.

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