In 2023, we are constantly inundated with the world's standards of beauty...

It’s plastered everywhere.

Trying to avoid it doesn’t come easily.

It’s all over social media (all of the platforms), on the covers of magazines that you’re accosted with at the grocery store, it’s in movies, all the talk shows focus on it, the radio, and sometimes the newspaper has it. And even when you can avoid all that, people are talking about it walking up the road or attempting to reach it themselves.

People want to be beautiful so much they often go and change their appearance and fail to mention that the way they look is by design.

They’ll get cosmetic work done and then preach about their diet, exercise and juice cleanse. “If you just work hard, like me, you can look like this too.

Influencers on social media that you see and look up to who are genetically skinny, with nice skin and good facial features trying to sell you products that end up wreaking havoc on your internal system and still not leaving you “beautiful like them,” as if that is the standard of beauty you need to achieve.

As a side note, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting these procedures done.

Everyone has the right to feel confident and beautiful however they choose. But we need to start being honest about getting these procedures. We have people who look up to us and we may unintentionally be adding to this unattainable standard.

If you got Botox and you love how it made you feel tell the world that. Allow people to see they have choices and they don’t have to starve themselves for three days to have glowing and radiant skin if that’s not how you did it.

But here’s the one, really big, problem with striving for society’s current, flawed standard of beauty…

It’s a fluid concept.
It’s constantly changing.
No one can agree on it.
And, no one is acknowledging that everyone is different and we cannot (even if we do everything the same and try really hard) look the same as everyone else.

So, if it’s always changing, no one can agree on what is considered “beautiful” and we physically can’t all look the same then why are we accosted with these generic and arbitrary products and plans to help us achieve this unattainable standard that we have set?

Not even the models you see in the magazines look like that (they say so themselves!).

You are unique.

Your skin is unique, your hair is unique, your body is unique and that needs to be acknowledged when it comes to your beauty routine.

It shouldn’t be about chasing someone else’s standard it should be about giving yourself and your body what it individually needs to be healthy. Health is beauty. You are beautiful.

Investing in your appearance isn’t about a desire to change how you look or to make yourself more beautiful by the world’s standards. It’s about having the healthiest internal system, the healthiest hair, the healthiest skin, the healthiest mind and the healthiest spirit that you can have.

Working with your starting point and simply showing your body some love and gratitude. Love for everything it allows you to do. It might allow you to wake up and take care of your babies every day, it might allow you to make a difference in the world, it might allow you to walk through the beautiful forest near your house, it might allow you to show your spouse love, every day.

Your body is amazing.

It’s not always easy to wake up each day and take on the day like a boss and to say fu*k the unrealistic, flawed and imperfect beauty standards of the world while you wash your face and put on your favourite lipstick for no one but YOU but you can do it!

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