Money, money, money… Either an ABBA song or a dirty word it seems.

A staggering number of people feel they are struggling financially in post-pandemic times and with that comes the associated anxiety about the future or even depression.


If you’re ready to manifest the money of your dreams but you feel like something is holding you back, then it is time to break past those money blocks and get yourself on the right path to making what you deserve. 


There are many common money blocks that most people face (too many to list in this blog post). This is not an exclusive list and everyone is different.

a women holding a wallet with money and cards

Here are 5 common money blocks:

1. Money is evil and rich people are greedy and bad

Have you heard of this one? I’ve heard of this one a lot (and I am definitely guilty of it). We heard this a lot growing up. That money was evil, wanting money was evil and all rich people were greedy, selfish and bad.


But is this really true? Is it bad to want money? No, we need money. That’s just a fact of life. We have bills and rent to pay, groceries to buy. It’s normal to want it. Money is simply a tool we have. Are all rich people greedy and selfish? No, I bet you could find lots of rich people who are not bad people. Just a quick Google search would do it.


2. I can’t make money

If this is you, then I know how you feel. This is a tough one because it’s so personal. The only evidence to contradict this one is evidence that comes from inside of you. You have to do some soul-searching here. But I can bet, if you tried really hard, you’d be able to find evidence that shows that you CAN make money.


Have you ever had a job? Did that job pay you? Have you had enough money to pay bills and rent and groceries at some point in your life? I bet you could find at least one example.


3. Money doesn’t give you happiness

This was such a common one I heard growing up… And I think our parents and elders said this to make us feel good, I’m not sure. But here’s the thing, money kind of does buy happiness. Think of everything you love to do. Now, are some of those things on the list things you have to buy? I bet they are.


How about this, does having a roof over your head and food on the table make you happy? Then yes, money does buy happiness. But that is not a bad thing to admit. Once again, money is just a tool, it’s an energetic exchange. We live in a society where we need money in order to live. So, why shouldn’t it make us happy?


4. Money is hard to earn

Okay, so this one is a tough one to overcome if you’re currently struggling financially. I am not here to invalidate your feelings because you should feel all of your feelings. If you’re struggling, it’s okay to admit it and feel them. But here’s the thing… Making money often comes down to mindset. And if you think money is hard to earn, it’s because you think money is hard to earn.


To overcome this one you could try seeing the abundance all around you. Not just about money but about everything. The abundance of leaves in autumn, the abundance of smiling faces and the abundance of money being exchanged at every moment in time.


5. Money comes with too much responsibility

The more you make, the more responsibility you have, isn’t that right? Sure, that’s true. But maybe this one isn’t about changing the belief so much as it’s about changing how we feel about it. Why does the responsibility have to be a bad or scary thing?


Instead, we could work on being excited about that extra responsibility. You get to pay more taxes because you are blessed with more money. You get to work with a financial advisor to help you make the most of your money. The extra responsibility can be seen as a good thing. It means you’re moving up in the world.


Need some support overcoming these beliefs (or any other money beliefs you hold). Try using these journaling prompts:

  1. What are my current beliefs about money?
  2. What are the top 3-5 limiting beliefs that are blocking the flow of money to me?
  3. What beliefs would you prefer to have?
  4. What are 5 pieces of evidence that prove that you can make money?
  5. What are 5 positive words to describe money?
  6. What energy do you pass onto the money that comes to you currently?
  7. What emotions do you feel when you think about your money?
  8. What emotions do you feel when you think about money in general?
  9. What are your financial goals? (Dream big!)
  10. What are 5-10 reasons that you deserve to reach all your money goals?
  11. What are 3 action steps you can take to start on your new money path?
  12. What does financial freedom mean to you?
  13. What are 10-20 things you are grateful for about money?
  14. What is a mantra you can create to support your new beliefs around money?
  15. What are 3-5 fears you have about this next-level money you’re manifesting?


Are you ready to take action to change your money beliefs and become a money magnet? Let’s get you manifesting the money of your dreams with our new mini-course Money Magnet.