Have you ever found that you just know you want something, you know it can be yours but somehow you still don’t get it and feel blocked?

I know you’ve heard this before but your conscious mind is often a lot more onboard than your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious holds onto a lot more stuff for a lot longer. It’s trying to keep you safe but really it’s just keeping you stuck. 

Being a Navy wife, I thought this was the perfect analogy to easily explain the conscious mind vs the subconscious mind. 

Picture your mind as a ship. The captain on the bridge is your conscious mind. You can see the captain and they make decisions you’re aware of, just like when you choose what to eat or what to wear. 


But below deck, there’s a crew working tirelessly. This crew symbolizes your subconscious mind. They store lots of things like thoughts, beliefs and patterns you’ve learned throughout your life. They even store things you don’t even remember anymore. 


Imagine as you get older, you have new experiences and your mind grows.

All these old beliefs, patterns and behaviours of all the things you’ve ever learned are still stored below deck. The ship is getting heavy, it’s hard to move forward or in a new direction with these old experiences serving as a compass in the direction of what you know to be true. 


But, if you ask them to, the crew can help release what no longer serves you. It’s like they are throwing out things from the ship to make it lighter, faster and to change your course. The subconscious mind can help you change and grow by letting go of what’s not helpful anymore. 


So, your conscious mind, the captain, decides what you focus on now, while your subconscious crew can help you clear out old stuff that doesn’t help you anymore and take a new direction making your journey through life smoother and more successful.

I wrote another blog about achieving your goals and the role of the subconscious mind. Go check it out if you’re interested in learning more!
a woman creating big dreams

So, when you’re working to create the life of your dreams knowing the difference between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind is imperative. When you know the difference you can begin learning how to best utilize them and support them.

Knowing how to tap into each and what tools you can use to reprogram what needs to be will help you become the master of your mind. When you take back some of your control that’s when your blocks start to dissipate. 

We are, often, our own worst enemy but with a few tools and strategies you can work through your blocks, not just at the conscious level, but at the deeper, subconscious level.

That’s where the magic happens… That’s where the life-changing happens.

If you’re feeling stuck, you more than likely have a block and you need to check in with your ship’s crew and get them to throw a few unnecessary items overboard.

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