It's not about asking to become a billionaire, the fancy cars or luxury clothing. Manifestation is much deeper and more impactful in so many ways.

Often on social media, we see manifestation in terms of I’m manifesting luxury. People show off their big fancy cars, unrealistic beauty standard,s and how they manifested an 8 figure business.

Their sales pages are full of really fancy things, things meant to entice you and make you think that those “things” are your dream.

It’s totally ok if these are the things you truly want down at the deepest level of your soul… however, manifestation isn’t just about the things. The “things” are nice but at the end of the day, they’re just things. Things aren’t life.

But there is another realm that these programs don’t even touch when it comes to manifestation; the unconscious realm.

Tapping into the unconscious can be a manifesters greatest tool. It’s what holds us back, stops us from moving forward and holds the key to knowing what we truly want in life.

Here are 3 benefits to tapping into the unconscious for manifesting your dreams:


1. Discovering what your real dreams are

Many people hear of manifestation in terms of bringing in the fancy and luxury stuff but that’s often not even their dream. I had this issue. For years, I chased someone else’s dream to no avail. Once I tapped into my subconscious using the techniques in the Intentional Manifestation Club I started to realize that I didn’t really want the fancy cars and the million-dollar bank account. I wanted a rich life.

I wanted to travel the world, I wanted to experience life, I wanted a job that I loved and that I could do anywhere, I wanted to write, I wanted to fall in love with living again.

There were so many things I wanted but none of those things included those tacky photos you see plastered all over the manifestation sales pages. I discovered what my real dreams were.

Once you tap into the unconscious you might be surprised by what you do and don’t really want.


2. Discovering what is blocking you from manifesting

Knowing what you truly want is only one piece of the puzzle. After I took time to get honest with myself and discover what I truly wanted I found I still wasn’t manifesting what I wanted. Consciously you can be ready to go but sometimes what’s stopping us is actually on the unconscious side.

We all come with our own set of baggage, experiences and traumas. Some of which we know and therefore can work on but some of it our brain has decided is a lot and therefore hides it for us. It doesn’t want you to get hurt and that’s great but even if it’s unconscious it’s still there playing a role. It’s still there blocking you from what it thinks could potentially hurt you.

But sometimes what it thinks will hurt you actually won’t (your brain just doesn’t like change…). So tapping into the subconscious and dealing with these past traumas and experiences can actually be your key to manifesting your dreams if you’re stuck and not moving forward.


3. Tapping into extra brain power to bring what you want into fruition

Once you know what you actually want and you deal with the traumas that are holding you back you have more free space to powerfully manifest your dreams. The parts of your brain that were taken up with storing your traumas are now available to support in the manifestation process. Your brain also knows how to use your subconscious.

To truly manifest your dreams it is incredibly helpful to have an active brain that you are in control of. You may have heard that your thoughts control your behaviours. Manifesting your dreams doesn’t happen if you don’t act. You can’t just say you want to start a business and then sit back and let it happen without action.

But if your thoughts control your behaviours… what controls your thoughts?


Once you clear out your unconscious debris you are better able to control your thoughts. At first, this is an active process but the more you practice the more neural connections form in this new way and things become second nature. Once you change your thoughts manifesting your dreams will be inevitable.

If you’re ready to manifest your dream reality without the overwhelm, confusion or doubt then the Intentional Manifestation Club is for you. For just $7 you can have all the tools you need at the click of a button. Join today!