I see far too often these two being pinned against each other. You can have one or the other.

But did you know, the most effective strategy for moving forward and accomplishing what you want is a combination of both?

Manifestation is about identifying what it is you really want (not just what you think you want) and focusing on bringing it into existence and goal setting is about recording those desires and creating a plan of action to help bring your manifestations into reality.

Manifestation is not just wishing for something and then waiting around, taking no action and having it just magically pop up – Gee, wouldn’t that be nice! 

Once you ask the universe for what you want, what you really really want (what’s a millennial blog without a Spice Girls reference?) then you need to get up and make it happen knowing that there is no way you can ‘fail.’

But the problem people have with manifestation is that they don’t know which actions they should be taking. The universe doesn’t just come to have a sit-down meeting with you and explain all the steps in every detail. That’s your job girlfriend.

So, how do we know where to start and what to do for our manifestation to come to be?

Goal setting and planning!

The universe gives you nudges and hints when you prove that you’re willing to sit down and do that work. This is a partnership. The universe supports you but you have to pull your weight too otherwise the universe will think you don’t really want it.


What is the best way to use both manifestation techniques and goal setting to help you reach those big beautiful dreams you have?


1. Get really clear on who you are (and who your future self is) and what you want

This is such an underrated strategy for goal setting (or even manifestation). If you don’t know who you are or who you want to be then how can you manifest your dreams? Are those dreams even yours?

Before you even think about your desires and dreams and how to reach them spend some time figuring out who your future self is. Once you know how that person is what you want should naturally become clear. But if it doesn’t then you can ask yourself (and the universe) “What would my future self have in their life?”

Need some help? Try our future-self visualization for free on this podcast episode!


  1. Sit down and use pen to paper to write your desire (your goals) and create an action plan for how you’re going to achieve them

Now it’s time for goal setting. To get yourself focused and ready to sit down and make this plan I suggest doing a manifestation, law of attraction or abundance-based meditation. 

Then you can create your own template or find a template on the internet to both create your goals and create the plan to reach them. Remember, being very clear (not vague) on what it is you want to achieve, by when and the steps you’re going to take to achieve that goal are so important.

For more information on setting SMART goals check out this article.


3.  Keep your vibration high (self-belief is an incredibly powerful tool)

A huge part of the success of manifestation is keeping your vibration high. The more positive vibrations we put out into the world the more we are going to get back. If you set your goals and then go about moping that you can’t reach them the universe is going to say “You can’t reach your goals? Sure, I’ll give you that.”

What you believe is what comes true. You need to bust down your limiting beliefs and start having some faith in yourself. If you walk around knowing and thinking that you absolutely without a doubt can reach your goals and there is no way for you to fail you’ll begin walking taller, thinking more positively and therefore vibrating higher.

For more tips check out this Instagram post. 


4. Listen & trust the process (the universe is always supporting you and sending you signs if you just listen)

Getting from what you have now to what you want takes time, effort and undying faith. Just because the universe is on your side does not mean it’s not going to test you. When things get hard we can often turn out back on the universe thinking it’s abandoned us but you need to be all in and have nothing but trust.

Keep listening and looking for signs that you’re on the right track or signs of the steps the universe wants you to take. And remember, these tests are preparing you for what you will need to be the very best version of yourself; the future self you created already.

For more information check out this Instagram post (oh yes, more Spice Girls. What did I tell you?!)


5. Have a plan for moving through roadblocks as they come up

Part of what you should create while you’re writing down your goals and plan is a contingency plan for when things get hard (because, oh let me tell you, they absolutely will). What are you going to do to get yourself through and keep going?

You know your limiting beliefs and I can guarantee you that as you start working toward your big “hairy scary goals” as James Wedmore always says, they will rear their ugly heads and push right to the forefront. But you need to have a great plan for how you’re going to experience them but not let them win.

You’re in charge.
You’re the boss.
This is your life.

Manifestation and goal setting are such great partners. We need both in order to truly get what we want.

Without goal setting manifestation is just a nice daydream, a beautiful wish. Without manifestation we will be driving forward on goals unsupported, making things harder and potentially never actually reaching them (are they even aligned with who we are?).


Did you find this inspiring? 

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