Many people think manifestation is hard and only some people can do it. But I disagree. I think anyone can successfully manifest, as long as they are aware of the most common mistakes that stop people from manifesting the life of their dreams.

Last week, I shared three ways to beat overwhelm and how that keeps us on track with our goals.  I also talked about hitting a metaphorical wall that spins us into the spiral of confusion, doubt and overwhelm.

So today I want to talk about three things that you might be doing wrong when it comes to manifestation, that have you hitting that wall and simply not creating the life you truly desire.

Here they are:

  1. Not having true clarity about who we deeply authentically are and who it is we want to become

I’m sure most programs about manifestation go over this to some extent but from what I’ve seen they don’t take this as seriously as it needs to be taken. People are often chasing dreams that aren’t really theirs, aren’t actually in alignment with them or go against who they actually are. When that happens then it’s no wonder they never actually manifest those things.

Those things they’re trying to achieve are not actually for them.

So make sure that you spend real time getting to know yourself and getting clear and specific about what you want.

  1. Not understanding that our limiting beliefs are not surface level.

We often can’t truly identify exactly what the beliefs are or see how they are holding us back. Limiting beliefs live in our subconscious mind so even if we consciously think or say “Okay I’m ready for this and I’m going to make it happen,” our subconscious level is imprinted or wired with these beliefs which essentially creates the blueprint for how we show up, act and behave.

Ps. In the Intentional Manifestation Club, we dig into limiting beliefs at the conscious level. Really asking ourselves:

  • how do I feel about certain beliefs?
  • where do these beliefs come from?
  • who might have projected a belief or pattern onto me?
  • asking “is what I believe actually supported in fact? Is it truth or a belief?” There is a difference, right?

So this is our level 1 digging into these beliefs and it’s a really great place to start and then either once you’re ready to go deeper or if you want to just start at an accelerated pace, we move into working directly at the subconscious level in Rooted

  1. Not recognizing our universal connection.

How we are connected to each other, how the universe supports us… working with universal laws to accelerate our manifestation at the soul level.

It’s the greater purpose, our true why, following the nudges that our soul is leading us towards. And that is where Intentional Manifestation comes from. We are not just manifesting something like a Chanel purse just to have it or to look rich or impressive.

We’re finding these answers deep within our souls so that when we manifest more money, more time, more clients, and more freedom in general it’s because there’s a greater why… a universal connection.

It’s when what you want to manifest actually supports other people, a collective.

A good exercise I really love to do is when I think about what I want and why, I list all of the reasons why having it would support other people.

For example:

  •  If I say I want to have more money, to some that could seem selfish however I know that when I have more money, I can put more money back into this business. I can do more for the program, I can put more into ads which in turn brings more women back into this program where I can teach them how to manifest their own dream lives and live in their highest potential, and that in itself is momentum building.
    When one woman rises, others rise with her. And when she realizes her soul purpose and her highest potential, she ends up helping women in her own way.
  • On the same note when it comes to business, the more money I have coming in will further support my education and continued learning which I get to share with my amazing members and clients!
  • More money supports my family, of course. I get to provide for my family. My husband gets some peace of mind knowing that if he ever had to leave his job, we would be okay. It gives him the ability to heal his mental health (he’s been diagnosed with PTSD).
  • It gives us the ability to shop local and support our local makers and local farms which not only help them individually but supports our economy and the earth and our soil with sustainable farming
So my point with universal connection and manifestation is that our manifestations are supercharged when what we want is backed with intention and purpose from following the nudges of our soul.

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