Here's the thing about "unhealthy" habits... That term is very subjective.

Sure, there are some very obvious unhealthy habits such as doing drugs or lying in a bed immobile for months on end… but for the most part, there is no good consensus about what is healthy versus not healthy.

So many people will have strong opinions on this.

They’ll say “But the research says…” To which I would stop them and say “For every one ‘proven’ theory there are so many other studies that completely contradict it.

Think about it…

So many people say a Plant-Based diet is the best diet for health while so many others say an Animal-Based diet is best (and everything else in between). So which is right?

Well, there is evidence-based research for both and all of the other types of diets that people do. 

This is how it works with almost everything.

So, when I say “drop your unhealthy habits” I mean the ones that you feel no longer serve you that are creating what feels unhealthy to you.


There are so many things that are out of our control in this world. Pollution and climate change are running rampant and it’s hard to avoid, even if you’re doing ‘all the right things.’ People smoke right out on the street so you walk past and get a face full of cigarettes. And companies put all kinds of unknown stuff into their products and then lie about it. This makes it so hard to know what’s true and not.

Now I’m not ‘all-knowing’ or anything and I don’t think I’m better than anyone or know more than anyone. But there are a few things that I believe can help you in living a more holistic life this year.

Here are my 5 best tips:

1. Strive to eat a well-rounded variety of whole foods

Notice I used the word ‘strive.’ I didn’t say perfection. But striving to eat a balanced and well-rounded variety of whole foods and fewer processed foods (even if they say ‘healthy’ on the label) will make a huge difference.

No one is perfect. Not even that intense fitness trainer on the internet. You only see what they want you to see.

Let food both nourish you and also provide you with joy. Cultures all over the world use food and meals as a way to connect with their family and friends. In Greece, it’s common to have everyone eat together as a social event.

But working to add more whole foods, real food, to your diet will provide countless benefits. For example, improving your gut health, optimizing your immune system, increasing your energy and stamina, supporting healthy skin, supporting improved mental health and so on.


2. Move your body every day!

This is such an important one. In the Blue Zones, we see daily movement as an essential component to overall better physical and cognitive health, long-term. The centenarians in the Blue Zones do activities such as walking, gardening and even heavy labour to support their overall health.

It’s not about always having to strive for vanity metrics; losing weight, gaining muscle, etc. There are plenty of reasons to get your body moving every day.

Using movement to shift your energy and create a higher vibration is essential for living a more holistic life. With all of the negativity we see on social media and in the world, raising our vibration and ensuring we have a free flow of energy throughout the body, will help us build resilience over time (and give us something to do off of social media!).


3. Evaluate your belief system.

This involves really getting serious about what’s going on in your head. Ask yourself the question, “What beliefs no longer serve me that I’m holding on to?” Anything that does not serve you, needs to be released.

Open up a new perspective about what’s possible for you and create new opportunities in your life. This year is a great year for that fresh start you’ve been craving. But you can only do that by shifting your thoughts and getting rid of all of the ones that don’t serve your greater purpose.

Your thoughts and beliefs can have such a power or control over you but this is the year you take back that control. You can always change your belief system to better serve you.


4. Learn to regulate your nervous system.

Learning to regulate your nervous system and better manage your emotions leads you to having the ability to think clearer and feel lighter. When your emotions run rampant, and you have a nervous system that’s always on high alert, your body can feel so heavy and almost like it’s not your own.

You never seem to know what it’s going to do or how it’s going to respond. That translates in your body as stress (what doesn’t) and you and I both know, stress can cause absolute chaos in your body.

We all hold onto things that have happened to us but the negative things or the traumas aren’t serving you. Never being able to bring your nervous system down means you and your body never get to be at peace, at rest. Rest is so important for your body to heal and replenish for the following day.


5. Connect with the earth/Mother Nature/ the universe.

This is an extremely underrated holistic health strategy. Doing this is good for every body system. It can help improve all of the other areas in your body.

We are all one, we are all connected and when you lean in and trust there are untold benefits.

You can even do other health habits outside, in nature. Exercising (did you know walking is the best form of exercise for longevity?), meditating, grounding, eating, socializing, etc.

Doing this daily will be the best thing you do this year to live a more authentic and holistic life.

Tips from Meagan based on this post.

These are general categories, it’s up to you to decide the more specific habits or how you want to accomplish these. That’s entirely up to what you enjoy to do.

But remembering these different categories can help you on your journey to living a slower and more fulfilling life.

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