Have you ever looked back on your life and pinpointed the game-changing moment in your life?

Could you identify that moment?

Has it happened yet?

If so that’s amazing!

If not, that’s ok. We all reach this moment at different times. It’s not a race, it’s our own divine timing.


Let me share MY game-changing moment in hopes that it will inspire you. 

The game-changer, AKA what allowed me to finally break the ceiling I was setting for myself and call in my dream manifestation. 

After doing my limiting belief work, and reprogramming my subconscious mind to create new habits and behaviours, what really brought my manifestation to life was truly knowing my authentic why.


Why did I want what I wanted and, ultimately, let go of how I was going to make it happen?

I know I might lose some of you here but this equally might be the piece a lot of you have been waiting for. 

The universe is here to support you fully.
It’s just waiting for you to know what you want, to ask for it/put it out there, and then surrender to how it happens.

Imagine you were the universe and we had this conversation.

You say, you know I have the power to make anything happen in order to help others and I told you what I wanted for my future life.

You’re like you got it! I know the exact series of events I’m going to make happen for you. All you have to do is trust that everything that happens in the next X amount of months is all working out in your favour. Do you agree?

And I’m like “Umm yeah! Of course, I agree, thank you!!”

But then… I start to worry that what I asked for isn’t really coming to me.

I think that things that might feel “bad” in the moment or aren’t what I would have chosen to happen mean that I’m doing something wrong.
Things aren’t working out for me.

So I start to lose track.

I let my insecurity and doubt get the best of me and I start to think I’m doing something wrong or maybe I need to make a more realistic goal.

So I change my mind and base my future-self goal on something that feels easier to reach…

And you’re like… I literally had everything lined up for you! It was just about to happen.

It would be super frustrating for you, right? To make sure all of these things aligned perfectly, just to have the receiver lose faith and start something else …


The point of my hypothetical story is that the Universe supports us, it works in mysterious ways, energy vibrates on different frequencies, and it’s exchanged, and moved…

You could learn quantum physics to understand how it works, or you could just trust that there’s even scientific evidence to support this.

All you have to do is let go of the need for control and loosen your grasp on how the path is supposed to look.

Every path we take shapes us. There are tests and lessons we have to pass and learn to continue forward. 

Letting go doesn’t mean doing nothing.

It means tuning into the nudges, pings, and downloads of inspired action you receive and then taking that action and letting go of the outcome knowing that it supports your future self.


If you’re thinking, ok great but how?? I’ve got you covered.

The entire third phase of IMC is all about Universal Connection and how to use the Universal Laws to support our manifestations. It’s about leaning in, trusting, and developing an inner knowing that everything is always working out in our favour.

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