Achieve Your Goal with Your Value Code

Your Value Code: The Key to Alignment

To achieve your goal…

In order to achieve your goal, and make sure our goals are in alignment with who we are we can create a code of values.

Our values-code is made up of the the things you value most when we are being true to our most authentic selves.

Identifying a few of these core values gives you a blueprint to align who you are with your souls purpose and ultimately achieve your goal.

Using this code, we can check back to make sure the choices we make day-to-day align with what is true for us, at our core.

  • A good example is If I say I desire a lamborghini, and then I look at my core values and I realize that it doesn’t actually align with my values. I ask myself is this something I truly want, or is it someone else’s desire? Oh you know what, it was actually an ex boyfriend who is obsessed with them, and he talked about them so much, I thought I wanted one too, and I only want one now because it would spite him, or make him pay attention to me.

That is not an authentic desire that is going to help you manifest your dream life or purpose. You would be living a life that doesn’t align with what makes you, you.

Finding your core values to achieve your goal

Use this workbook to identify what you value most so that you can achieve the goal you most align with