Your Comfort Zone

Your Comfort Zone

We have all heard of our “comfort zone” and we know what it feels like to be outside of our comfort zone, but what is it really?

Basically, our comfort zone is our programming.

This is formed between the ages of 0-7 when we are in our subconscious learning stage. During this time we take in all information as fact. Because we do not have a logic filter (or a conscious-acting mind during this stage, everything we learn becomes part of the programming we develop.

This includes every day things like brushing your teeth, taking daily showers, the food you eat, etc. But it also factors in bad habits from parents or caregivers, things you hear on the news or media, that mean thing that one girl from school said to you…

Our “program” includes both positive and negative beliefs, actions, behaviors etc.

Your program is your comfort zone. So anything that is outside of this program, your subconscious will consider risky or unsafe. Even if you want to change a negative behaviour into a positive one and ultimately that will benefit you, your subconscious will still see that as unsafe.

Things that are outside your comfort zone just won’t seem normal to you. You may feel like it’s completely unrealistic or unattainable, but it’s truly just outside of your programming.

As an example we can take a family that gets by on $5000/ month and a family that makes $ 500,000/ month. To the $5000 family, earning a $100,000 per month seems ludacris. That’s more than they make in an entire year, how could they ever make that in 1 single month. However, the $500, 000/ month family would be like what is happening? We’re ONLY making 100k this month which is 1/5 of the normal amount.

Two completely different outlooks, comfort zones, and programming.

You are not born with your programming. You come in with a clean slate and anything is possible for you. It was true then and it is true now. But we have to get outside of our comfort zone, do the things that don’t seem “normal” to us, and rewrite the program to become whoever it is that we want to become.