The Big Picture Goals

Your Big Picture Goals

Big Picture goals are the overall goals we want to achieve in life.

Like Buying a home, Vacationing in Bali, Moving to Bali (if that’s more your thing), making $100 000 this year, or this month depending where you are in your journey!

Big Picture Goals = Your Blueprint

In our to achieve our more specific goals, we want to know that each goal we action is ultimately leading us in the right direction of living our dream life.

It’s achieving these goals that keep us in alignment with our purpose.

How to Create Them

After working through the guided visualization, the journal will prompt you to make note of what you noticed in different key areas of your life, as your future self.

What has she accomplished? A new home? An office space of her own? An abundant garden? Lots of travel?

These will be unique to you, so tune into what you see so we can take the vision and make it tangible.

Download the Journal Here