State vs. Outcome

States vs Outcomes

In order to achieve the outcome you want to have, you have to understand the difference between a state/value and a goal/outcome.

We want to make sure we’re speaking to our subconscious mind in a way that it understands. It needs specificity.

When you think clearly about the outcome and you can see, hear and feel it — it’s like programming in a destination on the GPS — and the subconscious will lead you there.

A state is a temporary feeling or emotion. SO some people say their goal is to be happy.

But that won’t work with the subconscious because as soon as you have a moment of happiness, it wipes its hands clean and says ok my job is done there.

So how to know the difference between a state and an outcome

1. Goals and outcomes are stated specifically
States are ambiguously meaning you can’t quite put your finger on what that really looks like for you in a clear way

2. Writing it down. A goal you’ll be able to write like it has just happened. I am so happy because I have just achieve my goal of booking 100 clients this year.
Vs. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy

3. States you can have now. You can literally be happy at any time. In the Highest Self Academy we teach you the technique of anchoring where you can literally feel happiness in less than 30 seconds (or any other emotion or state)

Goals have time that is involved.

4. Goals have steps and actions that you need to take to get there. Emotions don’t have steps, we just have to associate with them.

5. Emotions are infinite and not measurable. We can measure goals. I want a specific number of clients or money, or in this specific amount of time. You know exactly when you’ve hit your goal because it was measurable vs am I happy yet?

6. Goals are stated for self only. You are in the drivers seat of your goals and while they may benefit others, you are the only one responsible for your goals.