How to Use this program

How to use and get the most of this program

I’ve laid out this program in order of the way you should go through it, from start to finish.

The first thing I want you to do is book your 1-1 welcome call!

Please don’t skip this. The program comes with 1-1 coaching so you can get support as you work through the modalities and phases, but also so you have advice and guidance from someone outside of your own perspective. Just having someone to talk things through with, really goes a long way in achieving your aligned goals.

You’ll be promoted to book a 1-1 call throughout the program, as you finish certain sections, but you can also book a 20-minute call once per week, when needed.

When we get to the part where we will be doing th actual programming in and out, I’ll be able to give you guidance on which techniques I think you should start with and where to go from there.

It’s also extremely beneficial not just for you, but for all of our members because if I see that you need a technique that is not part of the library yet, I can go and make that specifically for you, but also so it’s available to everyone.

So please, follow the program in order. Take time to ask yourself and really find the answers to these questions

When your goals are crystal clear, we can then clarify the version of you who has achieved these goals. Stepping into the identity of that future you, is what makes this program so unique and special.

And we do that through the reprogramming work — but don’t rush ahead. Work through each lesson so that your programming work is truly authentic and aligned. If you get stuck, or feel overwhelmed, procrastination, etc please don’t just stop — book a call!

You’ll find the 20-minute call calender when you scroll down the bottom of this page or in the intro section on booking calls.

What about when you’ve “finished”?

Gone through all the work and you’ve “finished” the program? What now?

Each new level of success we want to grow to will require us to take on a new identity. We will face new challenges, uncover deeper blocks, etc.

In the Continued Growth section, I’ll ask you to look over your goals, what changes did you make, what worked, what didn’t work, make changes, and then start setting your next goals along with the identity of that next level self.