From Then to Now

From then to now

As I said in the previous lesson, action is required.

If you did the work, you now have an action plan of required steps to get you toward your goal, and you have an action plan that lays out how to physically and energetically become the version of you who achieve this goal.

And those two plans together will collapse time for you when you put them into motion.

Now that you have your plan? How do you feel? Be really honest with yourself. Are you excited and so ready to start? Maybe you’ve already started!

Or maybe you are feeling like you want to start but still feel blocked or like something is energetically in the way of that first step.

If so, it’s totally normal to feel this way. It goes right back to our model of reality we learned about in the first section. We’re processing this plan we just created and filtering how we feel based on our past experiences and beliefs, etc.

So how do you move through this and actually change the wya you filter information?

There’s two options.

Option 1 you consciously work on changing your thought patterns. Every time you catch yourself in a cycle, you identify the belief and reframe the thought. You create the habits manually, by showing up consistently working with will power and motivation to keep up and on top of this.

or (and this IS the better way)

Option 2: We work together in a deeper capacity using the power of the subconscious mind so that we can identify the ROOT CAUSE of these beliefs, keep the learnings your subconscious wants you to know moving forward, and release them so that you can filter your information without those beliefs being a part of your current reality.

I’ve put together a more intensive version of this work to actually allow you to work at the subconscious level, at your own pace so you can go in, release your beliefs and reprogram in the opposite beliefs, actions, and behaviours (that you future self already has).

Along with these techniques, you get more in depth alignment training to set you on the path of your dream-life-self; change your frequency to the vibration of your next-level self; get crystal clear on your goal, your path, and identity; learn the new SMART goals based in Neurolinguistic Programming, and face your challenges with ease (and strategy).

In addition to the content in the program, you also get 3 1-hr strategically placed 1-1 calls to strengthen your journey, a custom scripted and recorded hypnosis audio curated for your goals and future identity as well as the ability to book 20-minute 1-1 support calls if you have questions or run into any bumps along the way.

If you’re truly ready to achieve the goals you’ve set here in this program and you want to accelerate the results THIS is the program that gets you there.