Drop Your Goal Into the Future

Drop your goal into the future

There are a couple of ways you can future pace your vision board. You can do both or one or the other based on what feels aligned to you.

  1. First, you can future pace via journaling. Do this every morning for the best results.

Keeping your vision board front and centre, journal as if it’s the date you’ve accomplished this life and identity.

For example, “Today is December 31, 2023, and I’m sitting in my dream home that looks and feels like X. I’ve accomplished X business or career goals and X personal goals.”

You can add in what you may have done to get here, so for example that could look like this:

“I finally feel like my most-well self. Drinking a green juice and making sure I was moving my body every day really helped me reach this goal. I am grateful.”

You can also journal what you have released in order to get here so something like this:

“I knew that in order to get to this version of me, I had to let go of the belief that “someone like me couldn’t make this much money” or I am not good enough.”


“I knew that drinking wine every day wasn’t serving my body and in order to become my most-well self, I had to cut back on how much I drank. I am so grateful I finally did.”

Remember that our subconscious likes repetition so the more often we do an exercise the easier it is for our subconscious to see it as our reality. This makes it inevitable.

  1. Secondly, you can visualize your vision board coming to life. See yourself in those photos. Really look at this vision in detail. Feel how it feels to be there. What does it smell like in this future version of you? Make it really real and clear for yourself so that you can feel it at your core. Close your eyes, then imagine a timeline at the top of your head. We’re currently in the present, and it goes both ways to the past and future.

On your timeline, go out to your future and find the date when you’d like to have this vision board come to life. Imagine floating your vision up up up on your timeline and floating into the future until it comes to this date. Then just drop it down into the timeline, into this future date.

Know that it’s inevitable now.

As a bonus, here’s one our subconscious programming techniques, Neural Energetic Encoding.

I take you through your encoding timeline so you can drop your goal into a future date, in your subconscious timeline.