Creating Achievable Outcomes

Creating Achievable Outcomes

When we are working toward our goals it’s important to have a North that is guiding us. That way we always know what our come will be and can choose our actions based on that guiding star.

Step 1 Get the Specific Outcome

What is it specifically that you are working toward? What do you want to happen?

It’s important to make sure this not an emotion but a specific tangible outcome.

And then let’s make it crystal clear in your mind.

What will you see?
What will you feel?
What will you hear?

Picture yourself achieving this outcome, and what will you see when that happens? Think of ALL the things you would see as you achieve that. Think of all the things you will feel, both physically and inner as well.

Ex. You may feel proud, fulfilled, successful, but maybe you also feel warm sun and sand on your toes if your outcome was to go on vacation. And what will you hear? Using this example maybe you hear yourself typing your vacation research on the computer, then the little bell that rings when you make a purchase. You hear the engine of the plan, the waves at the beach, etc.

The more details you give your goal, the more your subconscious wants it and sees it as already happening in your mind.

Step 2. Understanding where you are now

Where are you now in relation to your goal?

In order to know the way to where we want to be, we have to understand where we currently are on the way to that goal.

That will help us to create our action plan.

Step 3. Evidence Procedure

Ask yourself, how will you know when you have this goal?

This is where we go back to those specifics of what achieving our goal looks like.

Do you have that vacation booked?
DId you book 5 clients?
Are you making $100 000 a month.

Whatever your goal is, ask yourself about all of the things you have to prove you’ve achieved the goal.

Maybe the goal was $100 000 a month, what else does that give you? A new car maybe? Buy your first home? Take luxurious vacations, etc. How do you feel now?

Step 4. Is it congruent and aligned?

This step is important because we want to make sure you feel completely aligned with your goals.

Ask yourself ” What will achieving this goal get for me?”. And you want to make sure that your answers are toward-motivated, meaning towards a better life, your big picture goals, etc. They should feel aligned.

If you have any little messages popping up making you feel like this goal isn’t for you, it’s too big, it will cause suffering etc, we want to know because that will be key signs into the limiting beliefs we need to release and reprogram in order to achieve our goals.

Step 5. Is it for you? (and only for you?)

Just check in an make sure that this is a goal that YOU want (not your parents, spouse, etc) as you may not be excited and motivated to achieve the goal if it’s not aligned with what YOU truly want.

Step 6. Give it Context

When do you want this goal by? (date)
Where do you want it? (office space, from home, travelling the world?)
Who do you want it with? (who else benefits from this goal? ie: family, clients, etc.)

Step 6. Are t here any drawbacks to this goal?

Ask yourself if there’s a downside. You may feel like well if I achieve this goal, I won’t see my family as often, or if I achieve this people will judge me. But this is a great opportunity to again see if there are any limiting beliefs that may pop up.

Step 7. Establish your resources

What resources do you have to accomplish this goal?

This can include physical resources like technology and courses, etc. but mostly we are looking for internal resources you have to make this happen like persistence, belief, grit, etc.

…and if you do have these yet we can reprogram them.