Chunk Down

Chunking Down

Sometimes when we create these really BIG goals it can feel completely overwhelming.

When the goal we want to create seems so far from where we currently are we start to go into overdrive thinking about all of the things we have to do in order to accomplish the goal. Then we start to feel doubt creep in. How will I ever accomplish all of that, or where do I even start? It’s going to take so long for me to reach that goal. Maybe I should strive for something smaller…

Does that sound familiar at all?

This is why we want to start chunking down our goal.

For ease of example let’s say your goal is to lose 20 lbs.

At first you are like Yes, I see this goal, I want it, I can picture my life living in this version of myself. You did the achievable outcomes and you feel great about it.

But then you start to think of the steps you have to take so it could feel/look like this.

(I’m going to type out the thought process here, so excuse the jumble of words. )

“Ok well I should start working out. I’ll have to get a gym membership, so I should start looking up gyms and different costs, and oh I will need new clothes to work out in so I feel comfortable showing up where there is really fit people.

I should start looking online *starts to scroll from online store to online store*. Oh I guess I need to actually figure out what gym I should go to. *starts to look up memberships*

Holy shit, gyms are expensive. I don’t know if I can afford that. Well maybe I can just start working out at home. Ok what kind of workouts can I do at home *starts to look up what the best workouts for weightloss are*. OMG this is so confusing there’s so many different opinions and pieces of advice about what is good and what isn’t good. Maybe I should just get the Peleton app, yeah people seem to love that… Holy shit that’s as much as a gym membership.

Can’t people just workout for free anymore?

Ok well maybe I should just start with my nutrition. I know I don’t want a diet because that won’t help me long term so let me research where I can start to gain more knowledge. Oh look, Noom, that sounds good. It’s a bit expensive but I guess I can do the free trial and if it works I keep it. Oh but now I see articles that say Noom is just another form of diet. Maybe I should just try intuitive eating, I heard that works. Hmm am I just supposed to eat what I want as long as I feel good? Well cake makes me feel so will I still lose weight? Oh I am so confused.

How will I ever actually get to this goal when I have literally no idea where to start and everything is so confusing

That was probably a lot to read, but it’s the way our brains take us through a thought process, and when what we want to do is outside of our comfort zone, we will start to feel those limiting beliefs like this is too expensive, or too confusing, maybe I shouldn’t even try.

When we chunk down our goals into such tiny baby steps the next step in your action plan (which we will get to) seems like common sense.

20 lbs is not a small feat so aiming for that goal right from the start is already overwhelming. Let’s say we start with the first 5lbs.

So in order to lose 5 pounds, what will you have to learn or start?

– decide how I enjoy moving my body A: Dancing, hiking, walking, and maybe I could do some strength training at home…
– what foods will help support my goal? A: Leafy greens, lot’s of protein, hmm I really love fruit and that is high in vitamins that support my body.
– A: I know I need to drink more water

That’s a great start. You are making progress toward the goal of 5lbs by doing things you already enjoy doing, + maybe exploring one new thing, and just being mindful about what your body needs.

Let’s say you make this plan and then you say well when will I actually find the time to go move my body? I don’t actually have any time in my day, and you start to feel that limiting belief creeping up. Being in the awareness of this so you can identify an excuse for what it is (a limiting belief) and then being able to go in and release that belief and reprogram it with something you’d rather believe instead so you can continue toward your goal.

An example of that would be “Walking is part of my day. It’s who I am. Every day before work I get up and go for a walk around my neighbourhood — it’s just who I am and what I do” (when you work at the subconscious level, these habits can happen in as little as 5 minutes with no need to rely on willpower)

So part of this is going to be chunking down even further. How will I ensure I wake up early every day?

-I can preset my coffee the night before
– I can have my walking clothes set out so I can just pop them on
– my work clothes will also be out ready for me when I get back
-I should start a nighttime routine to make sure I get to bed early enough and have a good sleep.

Each part of our action plan will be so chunked down that each step is SO easy to take and we don’t have to overthink how it will work out.

When we put our focus on the actions rather then the end goal, we get the end goal without it ever feeling hard, because we’ve taken on the identity of our next level self, simply by doing the actions of that version of us.