Action Planning

Creating Your Action Plan

We talked about chunking down your goals in the last lesson, and now we’re going to put this into an actual action plan.

What we do is we work backwards from the goal we want to achieve to now.

For the months or time that is a bit further away, it’s likely that you won’t know every single step that you will take, and that’s totally ok. We will have a rough idea of some things you might be doing.

So you can download your action planning worksheet below to follow along.

Let’s say your goal is to start a business. Your goal is to put it out into the world in 3 months from now. Let’s say April 30.

In the month of April you may putting the finishing touches on your website, making sure that all the links work properly, maybe you start reaching out to people who may want to work with you, etc.

In March you may start an Instagram account, start writing blogs or learn how to create Ads on Facebook

In February you get more detailed.

Name my business
Create my services or program structure
Look up website hosts
Start writing my about me page
Get a domain for my website

And even these can be chunked down if necessary.

Maybe you aren’t sure how to create the program you want so you add research how to create an online program to your list, etc

Your current month will be broken down into weeks, and what you will start with today.

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