“Just think differently." You've probably heard that advice, but WTF -- is that really even advice at all when striving for mindset change?

Here’s an example.

Say something happens and the first thing that pops in your head is a negative thought. If you are aware enough, you may catch yourself and try to change that to something positive.

For instance, an unexpected expense comes up and your first thoughts are, “Why me? Why does this always happen? I’m never going to get ahead if every time I do, something happens.” 

You might catch yourself and say, nope not today! You tell yourself, “More money is coming. It always comes to me. It will be okay.

That’s amazing work — just to be in awareness of your thoughts. If you are here kudos! 

You’ve achieved step 1 to achieving lasting mindset change. 

Here’s the thing though (and this is important)…

At a deeper level, if you don’t believe what you are telling yourself, you will continue the cycle of negative thought – positive thought – negative thought – positive thought, without actually seeing any changes. 

If all you’ve ever seen is evidence of your money troubles. Money comes in and goes out just as quickly and this is the pattern that has repeated itself over and over, you won’t believe yourself when you say “It will be ok.” I mean, why would you believe otherwise?

You might believe that more money is coming because that’s part of the pattern but you’re also going to subconsciously believe it will be gone as soon as you get it. Thoughts can be tricky.

Because that is the experience that is engrained into your subconscious programming. When we ignore the subconscious and focus on change at a conscious level, it’s no wonder we don’t experience any mindset change.

Mindset change occurs on the subconscious level, changing your neuropathways

So, how do we actually change our mindset to create real and lasting changes that we physically see in our reality?

1. We identify the trigger

Sticking to this example, you notice the pattern of money disappearing. It comes in and it goes too quickly.
You feel scared, shame, maybe some guilt, panic, worry, anxiety, lack of trust, loss of hope, grief….

Really try to identify why this makes you feel those feelings. 

Ultimately, we’re dealing with a limiting belief. So, maybe you hadn’t quite noticed the pattern yet but every time a big expense came up, those feelings came with it. You could start by asking yourself why. 

“Well, it feels like every time I start to get ahead and put some savings together, something unexpected happens.”

2. The Limiting Belief

Money always Disappears. That’s the belief. 

You’ve probably been conditioned through generations of this belief that started with your grandparents and was passed down in 2 ways.

  1. Epigenetics – they’ve shown on brain scans that we physically pass trauma (and the beliefs associated with it) to our kin. 
  2. The beliefs our parents and grandparents have are then spoken and shown to us, reinforcing this belief that is deep within us. 

All we have ever known is that money always disappears.

But that doesn’t make it true. 

How many people are there in the world who have and keep money? It’s impossible for money to always disappear because that’s not true for everyone. 

What’s different from those people compared to you?

❌They aren’t more worthy or deserving than you.
❌They aren’t better than you.
❌Many rich people are GOOD people, just like you are. 

The difference is that they don’t have the experience that money always disappears, so they don’t carry that belief. They believe,

✅Money comes easily to them.
✅When they invest or spend it, it comes back in tenfolds.
✅It’s normal for money to go, they have no emotional attachment to it.
✅Money likes to be taken care of, so they make smart financial decisions

The biggest truth about manifesting, is that it comes straight from our beliefs. That means, if you believe as soon as money comes it will disappear, then you are manifesting that it will. 


3. Change your beliefs at the deepest level

If you can’t just choose to think differently, how do you actually change your beliefs? If it was as simple as simply saying out loud “Money loves to stay with me” we would all be drowning in money.

Our brains are like rubber, or better yet, clay. We can shape them and mould them. It’s called Neuroplasticity.

Imagine your brain is a computer software and each of the neuropathways are made up of codes. Just like the software, you can rewrite the code when you access the subconscious level of your mind. 


4. How to access the subconscious level

Come back next week to learn how we access the Subconscious and why it works!

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