It may seem counter-intuitive to place roots right here, right now if you know that inevitably, this isn’t the place you want to stay. Roots, however, are what allow you to grow. To confidently say, I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m committed to digging deep, nourishing myself, and encouraging growth is what is going to give you the stability to move forward from here. 

Imagine a big strong maple tree.

Its roots run deep and spread themselves long. It may seem like that big strong tree will never move from the place it has spent so much time growing, but how many maple keys twirl and dance from its branches each year? From that very same maple tree, a tree with new roots will grow and strengthen – so was it really ever captive of just one place?

When you plant your own roots right here right now, it’s announcing to the Universe that you’re ready to grow. By using the magic the Earth has to offer us (such as plants, animals, energy, herbs); nourishing our bodies, allowing ourselves to receive, using ancient wisdom, and being in flow, like the maple tree just trusting the wind will blow it where it’s supposed to be – we too find where we are supposed to be. 

The process of this growth continues, we plant our roots and grow strong in the next stage of our life, but we’ll never get there without doing it for the first time, where we are right now. 


So how can we plant these metaphorical roots? 

  1. Gain Awareness: Take a look around you. Where are you in your life right now? What is required for you to grow strong? This step isn’t easy because there are often a lot of shadows we haven’t been willing to face or admit we have.
  2. Heal: Once we have an awareness of what might be holding us back (like limiting beliefs) we can then begin to heal these beliefs. And with healing, we find growth. We can break through our old patterns once we no longer subscribe to the stories we’ve been told or tell ourselves. 
  3. Ask for Guidance: The universe/source/Mother/(earth)/God – whatever resonates with you, is here to support you on your journey. Ask for guidance when you feel lost. You can do this through praying, talking with your spirit guides, pulling an oracle card, lucid dreaming, meditation, and past-life regression hypnotherapy (options available in the Rooted Collective)
  4. Listen: Listen to any words, voices, or nudges you may receive. The answers you get to the questions you ask may come in different forms. Be open to however they download or come to you.
  5. Take action: When you receive these nudges, it’s important to take inspired action. Without action, our thoughts are purely thoughts. The action you take is what we build, grow and find strength in.

When your personal season of “spring” comes around, your buds will form, and eventually, blooms will blossom. Whether your path is for you to keep growing where you are planted, or follow that dancing, twirling seed, allow flow into your life to guide you where you need to be. 


Did you find this inspiring? 

If so, here are some steps you can take next:

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