Have you been feeling a little out of whack as we head into this new season?

A change of season can bring many beautiful life changes. A fresh start with a lot of wonderful new opportunities.

But any change, including a season change, can also be quite hard.

Season changes bring a lot of pressure to have met goals, to uplevel, to just jump straight into this new season like a total boss. Summer specifically has a lot of expectations as the season that’s halfway through the year and a season of happiness.

But if you’re not feeling this way and instead you feel a little out of whack, off-kilter, unbalanced, ungrounded then that’s okay. 

A great way to start a new season is to spend some time grounding. Grounding and becoming more present is a great way to connect deeper with your highest self.

Here are three grounding techniques for connecting with your highest self as we move into this summer season:


1. Touch the grass

Walk on it, lie on it, sink deeply into it, whatever you need to do to connect your skin to it for an extended amount of time.

We are a part of the earth, a part of the planet, so connecting directly with the earth is one of the best forms of grounding you can find. Find a great patch in a peaceful place. It can be anything from your backyard to a secluded hiking spot.

Take your shoes off and walk slowly, lie on the grass and visualize yourself sinking in and becoming the earth or sit on it and meditate. But find a way to physically connect with it.

2. Go to the beach

You don’t have to go do a cold plunge or anything if you don’t want to but just being at the beach, especially if there aren’t that many people is a great grounding tool.

The sound of the ocean has a naturally calming quality, so finding a spot near the ocean or other body of water and simply listening can help slow your breathing and heart rate down and allow you to move into the present moment. 

You can also walk in the sand (if it’s not too hot) to help calm your nervous system by connecting with the electromagnetic fields of the Earth. Try using some of the mindfulness practices in our Rooted membership to help support this grounding practice. You can do them on the go!

3. Slow living practices 

These can be done inside or outside. Slow living means taking mindful moments throughout your day. Taking a minute in the morning to really taste and smell your coffee as you take a sip. Taking a deep breath as you lift the cup to your mouth and holding the liquid in your mouth for a short time before swallowing.

You could also take 5 minutes to sit by the window and simply look out. Try to not let your mind race, instead just watch and observe. Get comfy and allow yourself to just be in that moment instead of thinking about all of the work you have to do coming up.

Removing yourself from your desk space for some deep breaths during your day.

It’s not about suddenly doing everything in your day slower but you want to do them more presently and with more purpose and intention. 

Grounding and getting back into the present moment can help the seasonal transitions. Summer can be a beautiful season but if you’re feeling unbalanced and nervous grounding techniques might be just what you need.

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