I wanted to talk about "Falling off track" of your goals...

I think most people would agree that falling off track with their life goals is part of their routine at some point.

…but I’d like to offer my take on this and how we can overcome this falling-off part.

When we do goal and manifestation work we always want to be working at the identity level.

What that means is that on Dilts Pyramid of Logical Levels of Change near the top of that pyramid that we want to work towards is the identity level while closer to the bottom is our environment and our behaviours.

So we can change our environment and we can change our behaviours to support our future goals.

 Let’s say your manifestation is to live a life of wellness.

You want to:

  • Nourish yourself
  • Move your body daily
  • Drink water
  • Learn herbal medicine, etc.

This is the future you see for yourself so you create goals to support that.

You say you’re going to workout 3 times a week; You go and buy new clothes, a gym membership, you get new shoes and you’re super motivated to start… 

Maybe another goal is to start eating a nutritious breakfast before your coffee every day; So you buy a bunch of groceries and you start making some yummy meals in the morning…

But now let’s say you had a really rough day at work.

You decide to skip the gym because you’re exhausted.

You go home and eat whatever the quickest easiest meal is (if you can even call it a meal!)

The next morning, you’re still tired and you know that you can’t even fathom making breakfast until you have your coffee but then you skip it altogether and drink the pot instead…

…And that sets you up for a series of repeated days and you don’t know how to start again.

Here’s the thing:

It’s not that you “fell off track” — it’s that the changes you made were at the behaviour level. What we need to change is the identity of who we believe we are.

And that’s why it’s SO important to first get super clear on who you want to become and where you are now. We want to create a vision so clear, real and undeniable that it just becomes inevitable for you.

When we work with limiting beliefs, we’re changing the identity of who we are and the way we currently see the world and we’re choosing to reprogram those beliefs into a belief our new identity has.

Side note, While I’m talking about changing who you are… I don’t mean that you have to change who you are, it’s about changing the perception of who you are and who you believe you will become.

When we look at the example above, if you changed your belief system so that you approached nutrition and wellness from a different perception like to believe…

It’s not hard — it’s just as easy to choose nourishing foods over quick foods.

Going to the gym is just part of your day; It’s how you blow off steam, move energy around, how you gain mental clarity– not something that simply makes you tired in an effort to get fit.

When you see yourself as already being someone who lives a life of wellness when you have an off day, you don’t have to start new, you just go back to your routine and good habits that are part of who you are.

So I hope that shows you why we do all of this clarity and belief work as part of our manifestation. We’re not just setting goals and trying to create new actions and behaviours… we’re working on programming the identity of the person who has already called in your manifestations and then the actions, behaviours and habits come naturally.

So if you are like heck yes, this is what I need — to work on your identity level then join us in the Intentional Manifestation Club where the work is creating the identity of your future self.

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That’s it for now!