This week we will be experiencing the last full moon of 2022. Don’t let this event get away from you without doing something about it.

Full moons are a great time to let go of things that no longer serve you. Full moons are all about forgiveness.

In order to fully receive and step into the life that you’re asking for and desire you need to let the one you have burn to the ground. That requires letting go of things that do not align with the life you’re asking for and forgiving events, people or yourself that is keep you stuck.

There are many ways that people hold moon rituals. Everyone is different and you should create one that works and feels good for you.

Back in the summer of 2020, I discovered water charging using the moon. I really loved that process and it was a great start for me. Shortly after that, I started to explore what more I could do with the power and energy of the moon and I found new and full moon rituals.

I took elements from various different rituals I found. I used the book Moonology to guide some of the journaling and a variety of different websites to get some more inspiration. Each month I also look up the theme of the specific moon as well.

If you’re interested in using this month’s full moon (and new moon) to help you set your 2023 goals (or just any goals) here’s my process!



I recommend having a specific space for moon rituals that always contain certain items that you use every time so your setup is fairly quick.

Some items I recommend having are a journal and a special pen that is just for your moon rituals and an extra pad that is specific for the process of the full moon ritual (which you’ll learn about in a bit). I also recommend keeping rose oil, sage, palo santo, candles, certain card decks and crystals there.

For me, I also keep a book on Reiki nearby and I have a Human Design kit that I like to use during the ritual. Those are extras and you can do the ritual without them.

Keep your phone nearby with a meditation app (I like using the Insight Timer app so I can get a meditation and some sound bowls).

Crystals are an important part of the ritual. There are a few crystals that I use every time for both types of moon rituals such as amethyst for protection, selenite good for harnessing the moon’s power, a moonstone and a clear quartz crystal for its master healing and connection properties. 

For more information on crystals and their uses in your spiritual and wellness practices check out this article.

There are also a few crystals that work specifically for the different types of moon rituals (new versus full). You can use aquamarine (helps with surrendering), labradorite (helps with protection), white opal (helps calm and balance emotions which is good for rituals involving letting go of what no longer serves you) and black tourmaline for grounding. I also recommend just sitting with your crystal collection and intuitively selecting ones to include.


Start by cleaning up your space and getting your seat set up. Make sure it’s comfortable as you’ll be sitting on the ground. If you have something to act as a table like your coffee table or a bed tray table that is better than simply writing on the floor.

Then go out and start creating your Cacao (if you have some). It’s a wonderful drink for rituals. If you don’t have any that’s perfectly fine. Pour yourself a big mason jar of water. Preferably with a lid if you have one, if not you can simply put a plate over top. It’s important that the water you’re charging is in a glass jar, not plastic. Glass amplifies the water’s natural energy whereas plastic dulls it.

Setting up your table and space, have your table in front of you and put your crystals in a semi-circle away from you (see the image). I usually put the amethyst in the middle or the biggest crystal. Then you can arrange the rest in whatever way your intuition tells you.

Put your journal and pen on the table and your candle near the top where the crystals are. Have your other items near you within reach. Select a card deck (or a few) that you’d like to use. The ones I commonly use are the Surrender Deck and The Angels Oracle Deck. But I cycle through the decks I have using my intuition to select the.


First, I recommend setting the mood. Turn down the lights, light your candle and get yourself seated. Then you’ll want to cleanse the space. Use your sage first and cleanse the room and yourself (light the sage until it’s smoking and move it around the space letting the smoke cleanse your surroundings). Then light the palo santo and cleanse yourself and your items in the same way. Then add some essential oil of your choice to your hand (my HD kit comes with deconditioning oil or I use rose oil). Rub your hands together so the friction makes them warm and then cover your mouth and nose with your hands and take three deep breaths.

Next, I recommend doing a short meditation to get in the mood. Select something from the app of your choice that is full moon themed. The Insight Timer has a lot of great ones. Sometimes I’ll listen to a few before I decide. I look for one that’s less than 15 minutes, has music in the background and usually has a softer voice. For moon rituals, I prefer a woman’s voice. Choose what you jive best with. Holding your water jar in both your hands do the meditation and pass your goal or intention to the water.

Once you’re finished put on some sound bowl music (or another meditation music you prefer) and put your water jar to the side. Then start some journaling.

I always look up the zodiac sign the moon is in and then I use Moonology to give me some prompts to think about for the journaling.

But if you don’t have the book you can write out these prompts:


  1. Which habits, situations or ideas have upset you over the last month that are keeping you stuck?
  2. Who do you need to forgive and release that is currently keeping you stuck?
  3. What emotions are you holding onto that are keeping you from reaching your goals?
  4. Make a declaration of forgiveness or a plan for moving on for each item on your list.
  5. Write out 5-10 things you are grateful for.
  6. Write each item and person on a small, separate piece of paper.


Once you’ve finished journaling keep your list to the side with your water.

Move on to your card pull. I like to do a 3 card spread. I pull a mix of cards from the decks I’ve chosen (two from one and one from the other) and then I place a surrender card over top of each one (see image). Do your card pull how you normally like to do it or how it feels natural to you.

If you have time you can journal on your cards.

Once you’re done take your list with the people, things or situations that you’re going to forgive and burn it (I highly recommend doing this in the bathroom over the sink so you don’t create a fire hazard). Let the names burn away as you say goodbye. Then take your water jar outside (you can put some crystals on top. Rose quartz or moonstone works well) and place it in a location where the moon will shine on it, if possible and collect it in the morning.


And that’s it!

This is the process I use but everyone is different so make sure you use a process that works for you. Even if you start with this one you can tweak it as you become more comfortable with doing them.

Remember, the process for a new moon ritual is similar but not the same. New moons focus on setting intentions and making plans whereas full moons are for forgiveness and letting go. Doing both each month can be an incredibly powerful tool for reaching your goals. 

The moon’s energy has great potential for manifestation and filling your life with abundance and it’s free to use!

Enjoy your full moon ritual.