Finishing the year involves more than sitting down and creating a plan. It’s about enjoying this season and the beauty it has to offer.

Winter is typically a time of slowness. The world is forced to slow down because of the cold, the snow (if you get some) and the time off that is typically taken to finish off the year.

Achieving remarkable year-end results is more than just about how much money you made and how many goals you were able to check off your list. Finishing the year strong is about feeling strong in your mind, body and soul.

Creating a plan for the new year and setting your new goals/intentions is an important step in the process of finishing strong but ensuring that you’re finishing burnout-free and feeling healthy, happy and connected are just as important.

A single snowflake

Here are 10 tips to help you finish the year with a bang:

1. Savour the seasonal flavours

Get your oven fired up and embrace the warmth of the season with some cozy recipes using food that is in season. There’s something magical about the aroma of homemade meals—nourishing not just your body but your spirit too.

Some foods that are perfect for and in season during winter are winter squash, Collard Greens, Fennel, Broccoli, Carrots, Brussel Sprouts, Leeks and Beets.

These can make some delicious stews and soups when you mix them with your favourite protein.

2. Create a nourishing routine

It’s time to treat yourself like a VIP. Craft a daily routine that’s all about balance—mind, body and spirit. Small, intentional habits are the key to big, beautiful transformations.

Many of us feel burnt out, overwhelmed or even depressed during this time of year. Creating a routine that focuses on a holistic approach to wellness can support you in finishing the year as your healthiest self.

3. Start contemplating on mindful, intentional goals

Forget the larger overwhelming resolutions. Think small, think positive. Take some time to do some inner work to frame your goals in a way that lifts you up and supports your ideal self, your highest self. Your mind is powerful and you can program it for success.

Being intentional about what you want to work towards and bring into your life in the new year allows you extra peace of mind as you close out this year.

4. Manifest your best self

It’s never too early or too late to start manifesting and it can also change depending on the season or what you need. Visualize your highest self and the life you crave. Positive thinking is like a magnet for your dreams. Plant those seeds in the fertile ground of your subconscious.

A bonus of setting aside time to meditate and visualize is that you’re also grounding and calming your nervous system. They’re excellent as part of a regular self-care practice.

5. Declutter for mental clarity

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter your space. A tidy environment equals a clear mind. Let go of what no longer serves you—make room for fresh energy and opportunities. I love doing this at the end of the year so I can finish the year feeling like I’m going to get a fresh start in the new year.

6. Reflect and celebrate

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Reflect on your wins, big and small. Celebrate your journey so far—because every step is a victory. We often don’t celebrate the small victories… Let alone the big ones.

Reflect on everything that has happened over the past year. Think about how you can learn from the hardships and mistakes and celebrate the heck out of everything you accomplished.

7. Gratitude journalling

Time to count your blessings! Grab a journal and jot down the moments that fill your heart with joy. Gratitude is a magnet for more positivity and we could all use a bit more of that, right?

I gratitude journal as a daily practice but it can be a nice ritual to do a gratitude ritual or a longer gratitude journalling session to finish the year reflecting and feeling thankful for everything that has happened. This can be a nice way to shift your perspective or to recognize what has gone well during the year.

8. Power hour of self-care

Schedule in a power hour just for you. Bubble baths, good books or a little meditation—whatever floats your boat. A well-nurtured soul is better equipped to handle anything life throws your way.

The end of the year can be an incredibly busy time and maybe you’re like me and seem to just hold on until the end of the year and combust. It may be a time for family, gift shopping and all of the events your kids have under the sun but even carving out just a little bit of time for you during this busy season can help you show up with more energy and enthusiasm, which allows more fun and excitement for those around you.

9. Positive affirmations

Create some positive affirmations for the season, for finishing the year and for starting the new year. Create these now to both support you in getting through this crazy busy time and also as a last little push for reaching any goals you’re close to.

10. Take time for stillness and slowness

This season is all about go, go, go. It can be overwhelming and full and you can end up feeling more exhausted than at other times of the year. But winter naturally invites slowness and some of the most beautiful moments as we close the year often come from stillness and slowness. Noticing the frost or snow, watching snowflakes fall during a dark sky. Going for a walk and seeing your breath. Sitting by a fireplace with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Noticing the Christmas lights on the tree (if you celebrate Christmas). 

Stillness can also be incredibly helpful for kids, if you have them. Their nervous systems can reach overwhelm quickly and giving space for slowness can help them manage the end of the year. Take time in the morning for cuddles and book reading.

Enjoy the end of the year and good luck in achieving all of your dreams this year, next year and for the rest of your life. Take care of yourself during this time and I’ll chat with you in the new year.