Money is a made-up thing. Seriously - Humans created money.

We decided to start trading goods, then we started creating something that we could exchange for goods, then we created currencies (many different ones)… We gave meaning to money.


Money does make the world go round.


That’s just the world we live in. We need money for everything. It pays for the houses we live in, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive. It powers our houses and it takes care of our everyday lives and needs.


But at the heart of it… It’s just energy. A divine flow (and give and take) that connects us to the universe’s vast abundance. When we start to view money through a spiritual lens, we see it as a dance—a beautiful exchange of energy that has the power to elevate every aspect of our lives.


How the Energy and Frequency of Money Work

We attract things based on the frequency we vibrate. Our energy is a match for what we attract. This includes money. When we want to attract something, like money, we need to align our energy with the frequency of abundance. 

Money has a high vibrational frequency. If we want to manifest a lot of money, we need to raise our own frequency to be an energetic match for that money. This starts in your head.

There are a few factors that influence our ability to make money:

  1. Your Interpretation of Money on Our Earnings

Your thoughts create your beliefs and your reality, especially when it comes to money. Your interpretation of money can either be a roadblock or a stepping stone. Unravelling the limiting beliefs and rewriting the script you hold about money will greatly impact your ability to manifest more of it.

The thoughts and perspectives you bring to money and the beliefs you learned growing up all impact your ability to manifest the money you desire. You might consciously want to make more money but the subconscious beliefs might be limiting what you can make. We all have our own interpretation of what money means and yours can either allow you to make more and more or it can limit your earning potential.

2. Your Vibration Impacts Our Financial Flow

Have you ever felt the energy in a room change when someone walks in who is in a bad mood? The other people in the room know and typically try to get away from that energy. No one wants to deal with that Well, the same goes for our personal vibration and its connection to money. 

When you surround yourself with negative thoughts and beliefs about money, especially if you’re bringing yourself down, you send money scattering. It doesn’t want to wind up with you. The universe is convinced you don’t want it. You might say “Money is hard to make, I just can’t seem to get out of debt” and the universe will give you what you ask for. The more you do that the lower your vibration gets and the further away money runs from you.

3. Your Emotions in Money Manifestation

Emotions are like the compass of our energetic state. They guide us, showing whether we’re in alignment with abundance or dwelling in scarcity. Emotions act as the vibrational signals that either align us with money or repel money from us.

Cultivating awareness of your emotions and practicing mindfulness can greatly impact how our emotions support us in making more money. It’s not about never feeling our negative emotions but it’s about our ability to ride through them and not let them consume us. Having a gratitude practice, learning how to trust instead of staying stuck in fear and scarcity and changing our overall belief and trust will help us navigate our emotions.

We can feel emotions without letting them overwhelm us or become the defining moment for us. Having a strong conviction in ourselves allows us to be able to acknowledge when we are having a negative emotion come up, let ourselves feel it and then redirect it or co-experience it. You can feel both sad and grateful at the same time!


Yes, money makes the world go round.

We won’t get away from money and taxes and everything that comes with this human life. It’s not greedy of you to want more money and rich people are not all bad people.

This isn’t just about making money; it’s about embracing abundance as a way of life. As you journey through the energy, frequency and vibration of money, I hope you feel inspired to open yourself up to a world of financial prosperity. Your highest self deserves it and you are so worthy of all the abundance the universe has to offer.


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