It’s December and that means the year is quickly coming to an end.

How was this year for you?

I bet you could easily think of a few either really great and/or really bad things off the top of your head but what if you wanted to reflect at a deeper level? 

Like, soul level deep.  


Because your soul came here with a purpose and if you’re on the path of self-growth (which I imagine you are if you’re here) then you can’t ignore this calling. 


  • Maybe you already know your soul’s purpose and you can just go right into reflecting on your year based on alignment with your future self…
  • Or maybe you’re starting to awaken to the realm of spirituality and you’re curious about how to learn more and how to harness the power of the universe to grow into your future self. 
  • It’s also possible that you’re reading this thinking I’m crazy and you’re rolling your eyes — and if that’s you, that’s ok because you can suspend disbelief and have an open mind.   I used to think this way too, but with an open mind came opportunities and magic I never thought were possible.   


So how do we reflect on our year, at the soul level?

It starts with your purpose. You don’t have to know the be-all-end-all purpose of your soul, but what is the purpose your future self, living in your dreamiest life has? 

To find that answer, take a few minutes with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths in and just settle into your body. Now think about your life 2, 5, or even 10+ years from now (whichever feels good and easy for you to imagine).  

  •  What are all of the good things you’ve called into your life?
  • What goals have you achieved?
  • What are all of the ways these goals support you?
  • How do they support other people?
  • These don’t have to be big miraculous things but just think of all threats big or small.   


Your soul’s purpose is like a puzzle. As you follow the inspired action you receive, the pings you feel, and do the things that light you up you’ll find new pieces of your puzzle. You’ll start to see how it all comes together. 

If you’re starting at your first puzzle piece there’s no rush to get the whole thing. Each piece is an important part of the process.   


So, once you have a clear vision of your future self and you start to feel your purpose, then you can look back on the year and ask yourself

  • How did your year support, align, and put you on the path of that future life?
  • How did it not?
  • What choices did you make in this past year that either supported or did not support the future you?
  • Why did you make those decisions?
  • What emotions were attached to that choices?
  • How could you make a more aligned decision next time?

Can you look back and see how the events that happened whether you considered them good or bad, connected in a way that set you up for this next stage of your life?

If you’ve never done this before, I’d encourage you to look back even further and see how all of these big life events (especially the ones that felt bad like a breakup, or a job loss, etc ) actually happened FOR you and not to you. How did the end or loss of something end up supporting the path of something bigger and better or more aligned for you?

The next step after reflection on the past year is setting your intentions for the new year.

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