I hate when people say, "I don't believe in manifesting."

Hate is a strong word, but you know what? We are always manifesting.

This is a common myth of manifestation – The ability to just turn your manifesting on and off. There are many people who think negatively about manifesting or think it’s just a bunch of hocus-pocus but…


The truth is, whether you are doing it consciously or not, you are always manifesting.


Your thoughts (conscious and unconscious), beliefs, actions and behaviours come to fruition simply by giving them attention.

This is excellent news if you are manifesting positive things and doing the work to let go of what no longer serves you.

When you hold a belief that you are good at your job and that you are good with money you bring more of that into your life. Your belief that you’re good at your job makes it so you act like a person who is good at their job, resulting in you being good at your job.

When you have a gratitude practice and every day you state how grateful you are to be in a happy relationship that leaves you with positive emotions toward your partner and influences how you act and respond to your partner. When you act in a loving way and show your gratitude to your partner they reflect this back to you and you end up with a positive relationship.


If you are putting your energy into thoughts like…

  • “I’ll never reach my goals”
  • “I’ll never lose weight”
  • “Will I ever have more than enough money to just pay my bills?”
  • “Will I ever find success?”

Those beliefs are what come to fruition instead.


Stressed woman lying face down on a bed

Whether they are statements or questions, when you have doubt in your belief system, you will continue to manifest a cycle of doubt.

Like calls to like.

What you put out into the world comes right back to you, whether you believe in manifestation or not.

So, my question for you as you continue with your week is, “What place am I manifesting from?

You can’t stop yourself from manifesting, you just manifest based on the beliefs you hold, the thoughts that swirl in your head, the emotions you have and the actions you take. So, make sure you reflect on what place you’re manifesting from. From confidence and positivity or from doubt and negativity?


Inspired action to take:

Monitor your thoughts for the next few days. If you notice a thought that could be manifesting a result that you wouldn’t want — Change it. Affirm the oppositive.


Remember, you are human. You have thoughts and emotions and feelings. The point isn’t that you can’t have those, but to be in awareness so you know what thoughts to reframe.

Happy manifesting!

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