One of the most important pieces of becoming your highest self or even manifesting something you want along the way is to make sure you’re in alignment.

But what does that even mean?

When I was trying to unlock the secrets of manifestation and how to call them in, I used to hear this piece of advice given all of the time but never knew how to actually make sure I was in true alignment. 

In last week’s post, we talked about getting clear on what it is that you want. We also need to get clear on what it means to be our highest self. You could find a lot of (somewhat unclear) definitions of what it means to be your highest self. To me, it’s the version of you, that you become when you’ve unlocked and started living in your soul’s purpose.


In short form, the journey to becoming your highest self would look like this:


  • You have an awakening of some kind where you start to dive further into spirituality and healing and discovering your soul’s purpose
  • Awareness of where you are now
  • Learning to heal old wounds, limiting beliefs, etc.
  • Past-life regression work to begin to put the pieces of your soul together
  • Paying attention to the common themes and patterns of this work, the learnings from your healings, etc.
  • Listening to the nudges and guidance to figure out why your soul is here
  • Doing the work you’re meant to do and living authentically in your purpose. 
  • Become your highest self


So how do we ensure we’re in alignment with that future version of ourselves that we may not have even met yet?


  1. You can meet your highest self using hypnosis, meditation, or energetic visualizations.

Using these techniques you can travel through time and space and other planes to meet that version of yourself. At the subconscious level, anything is possible. 

  1. You can ask your spirit guides or the Universe for guidance.

As you dive deeper into your spiritual journey, you’ll learn that you are always supported and you always have guidance available to you. All you have to do is ask, wait to receive and take action. You’ll likely hear some words of advice, feel a ping, receive a download of information, get a spark of an idea, etc. When these come to you, it can feel so energetically aligned – however, after the great idea settles, we often put off taking action on that idea due to our ego, fear, doubt, etc. Trust the guidance and take action.

  1. Work backward

Think of who your future self is. This doesn’t have to be your highest self, but just a future version of you who is living as your best self. She’s already called all of the things she wanted into her existence. How did she get them? What actions did she take or decisions did she make? What did she say yes or no to? What investments did she make in herself? 

When you’re faced with a decision and you start to feel that fear or doubt arise, put yourself in the position of your future self. Which choice would she choose? Choose the choice she would make.


Once you have clarity on who it is you want to become, working backward from that place will always keep you in alignment with your future and eventually highest self.