Imagine this...

You’re on your way to completing all of your goals, manifesting your dream life, when out of nowhere you feel like you hit a wall. You’re starting to feel overwhelmed with doubt. This leads to confusion and you wonder if you’re even on the right path or if maybe you’re doing it all wrong. 

Just on the other side of this wall, are all of the dreams you’re waiting to manifest. But because you can’t see them yet, you doubt your ability, if you’re making progress, what the next step is…

But, what if you could easily get over the wall by beating the feelings of overwhelm, confusion and doubt?

Here are the 3 Things you ACTUALLY need to go from feelings of overwhelm, confusion and doubt to developing an unwavering inner knowingness about yourself and what’s possible for you.


The 3 Things are:

1. Commitment

The first step towards any goal or calling in a manifestation is committing to making it happen.

No matter what it is you want you’re going to have to show up and do the work. It’s not enough to just say you’re going to do something. We have to push past our ego telling us to stay the same and stay safe. Through the limiting beliefs that keep us in fear, shame or guilt and make the decision that we’re going to do what it takes.


2. The right method

After you’ve made the decision… well now what?

It’s easy to be paralyzed with overwhelm. We don’t really know where to start or how to move forward. You might feel like you’ve done this before. You’ve set goals and you made some progress at the beginning but you always seem to get lost in either confusion or a lack of continuous motivation.

Following a method, that is strategically laid out and in bite-sized pieces to make it simple and effortless for you, is key.


3. The right support system

One of the things I’m really proud of within the Intentional Manifestation Club (IMC) is that you get access to a private Facebook group, where you don’t only get to post questions to the group and hope someone responds.

The group was created as a way for me to respond to you directly (always!); for the community to chime in if they can help but also as a way to help coach you through what you’re stuck points are. Where are you feeling that wall come up? Or what ceiling have you created in your mind? I want to give you the opportunity to get live coaching from me, even though it’s not a 1-1 program.


I know accountability is what a lot of us struggle with… So being able to provide that in a way that is still affordable at only $7 per month (as opposed to 1-1 work), is something I’m really excited to offer.


If you’re ready to start manifesting your dream life, join us inside IMC to you get everything you need for just $7.

Ps. you can cancel your membership at any time and there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee.

I hope so much to see you in there.